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Kelly Hyman: Actress Turned Lawyer Advocating for the Voiceless

Kelly Hyman is no stranger to standing up for others. A devoted attorney for a few years and a number of high-profile cases under her belt, Hyman has been the voice of people who felt there was nothing they could do as their fight against large corporations, and negligent individuals seemed hopeless at times. By upholding what’s right throughout her career with clients trusting in Kelly’s abilities day after day – this hardworking lawyer deserves every title given her, including “worthy protector.”

The Hyman Law Firm is known for its commitment to advocating the rights of people, no matter their background or size. The firm has been instrumental in ensuring that those without a voice are heard by working with clients from diverse backgrounds and taking on cases against some large corporations across America

The attorneys at this law office always go above and beyond when it comes down to fighting passionately so they can help others out there, especially the voiceless, who originally felt as though they stood no chance against the big corporations.

Kelly Hyman is an actress, singer and lawyer who has been in the industry for over two decades. She studied at the University of Florida, where she graduated with honors before pursuing law school to serve all types of people looking up to someone like her – strong yet gentle soul.

Kelly Hyman’s career as a legal professional and media commentator has not only allowed her to share her experience with the audience but also combine it. She was able to appear on various programs that focus exclusively on one field, such as Law & Crime or Court TV, where she always offered insight into what being an attorney entails

She combines this by working alongside other attorneys through television commentaries-her most popular role being Media Commentator for CBS News’ Nightwatch program, which features crime updates from around America every night.

On top of practicing in Florida, she is also licensed in Colorado, New York, and Washington, D.C., making her one of the most well-versed attorneys in practice with extensive knowledge of federal laws. Kelly Hyman has represented individuals across the mentioned states, fighting in state and federal courts for people involved in the water contamination, tobacco and Transvaginal Mesh and Bladder Slings (including products sold by Bard, Johnson & Johnson/Ethicon, Mentor, Boston Scientific, AMS, and ARIS)

“I want my clients to know that they can go back to their life with a sense of each knowing that I will do my best to solve their problems,” Kelly Hyman shared.

In addition, Kelly Hyman recently published a book entitled Build Back Better: The First 100 Days of the Biden Administration, and Beyond, where she shared her analysis of the first three months of the new administration and how it sets the tone for the future of the American people and for the nation itself. 

Furthermore, Kelly Hyman has spoken at various seminars on mindfulness, improv for attorneys, and mass tort litigations, sharing what she knows to diverse audiences, from students to ordinary citizens.

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