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KFC Heiress Kaila Methven on how to throw the best COVID-safe Super Bowl LV party

Kaila Methven is ready to settle in for Super Bowl LV this February 7. 

The Madame Methven lingerie designer and fashion-forward CEO, who recently announced the launch of her multi-million-dollar line of affordable EDM rave wear said she’s excited to take in the big game among close friends and family amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

Methven, 29, is bringing back the class and elegance left behind by the uber-social Playboy mansion parties of the past and is set to host an intimate gathering of entertainment celebrities, socialites and Hollywood elites closest to her. 

However, while the jury is still out on whether guests will receive some of the intimate gifts the wholesaler likes to give from time to time, Methven said she absolutely can’t wait for the excitement the game is likely to provide and is giving out some tips to make the most of your COVID-safe and sound get-togethers. 

“Even though restaurants are opening back up, for safety reasons, it’s better not to stay in large crowds,” said the Los Angeles native. “After my personal experience from the Holidays, many of my friends were contaminated with COVID-19 with just groups of eight people to 10 so I think it’s very important before inviting friends over to watch the game for them to quickly do a COVID test.” 

“It saves much pain and suffering to all the loved ones around you,” added the LGBTQ+ friendly Plur Association founder.” 

But like any Big Game shindig, the party isn’t complete without proper food and beverage pairings and Methven believes it’s absolutely paramount for ensuring guests are full and satisfied when the confetti falls. 

“You definitely have to order in some pizza, not just because it’s amazing but it’s good to have on hand for those who want variety,” she explained. “I’m also pretty adept in the kitchen as well, so I’ll be adding to the spread by putting together some wonderful tapas and definitely treating everyone to some wonderful beverages and cocktails.” 

Asked what her go-to delight is, Methven, who is well on her way to positioning herself as the new it-girl trending as the female version of late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner said she has an array of cocktails she loves to personally concoct for her thirsty guests. 

“I like a good Adios MF to start and for my beer-drinking friends, some great Micheladas – regular and spicy,” she said. “The Big Game, especially this year is a great time to reconnect and feel that sense of human communication which I feel we are all missing across America, so extra dirty dry martinis with extra olive juice will be flowing and of course some lemon drop shots since those are always the most fun to lubricate the social scene.” 

Methven pressed that the Sunday of the Big Game is not only is a chance to wine and dine your guests to copious levels, but a moment to treat yourself as well.” 

“As the host, surely I’m going to steal this opportunity to throw on a ball gown and heels with a fresh face of makeup and a beautiful smile,” she said. 

Regardless of the outcome on Feb. 7, Methven simply wants everyone to enjoy the festivities surrounding the Big Game in a safe and creative manner.  

“I know these times are difficult and lonely, but we must remember gratitude in every second and make the best of what we have present with us,” she said before urging folks to “take your COVID-19 tests, dress ready to attend the Oscars and have a great time between friends and family, I know I will.” 

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