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Khusniddin Muradov, a Supply Chain Management Entrepreneur, Joins Forbes Business Council

Khusniddin Muradov
Photo Courtesy: Khusniddin Muradov

Khusniddin Muradov, Founder and CEO of Kings Mountain National Carriers and,  pioneering companies in the supply chain industry, has been accepted into the Forbes Business Council, the foremost growth and networking organization for successful business owners and leaders worldwide.

In a significant recognition of his entrepreneurial prowess and innovative contributions to the logistics industry, Khusniddin Muradov has been inducted into the prestigious Forbes Business Council. This invitation-only community is reserved for the most esteemed business leaders and entrepreneurs, acknowledging their substantial achievements and influence in their respective fields.

Muradov, a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record of achieving a multi-seven-figure exit, has been a transformative figure in the logistics sector. His expertise lies in driving company growth through strategic automation and optimizing business processes. His current venture,, stands as a testament to his commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology into the supply chain. The consultancy focuses on implementing advanced solutions like Transportation Management Services (TMS), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and providing expert consultancy and training.

The induction into the Forbes Business Council is a reflection of Khusniddin Muradov’s impactful career. His journey from spearheading a successful logistics company to founding, which aids businesses in tech-enablement, showcases his unique ability to blend industry knowledge with technological innovation.

Khusniddin Muradov’s acceptance into the council was based on a thorough review process, underscoring his extensive experience and significant contributions to the logistics industry. His visionary approach to business and technology, coupled with his proven track record, aligns perfectly with the ethos of the Forbes Business Council.

Upon joining the Forbes Business Council, Muradov will have the opportunity to connect with fellow trailblazers in various industries, share his insights and expertise on a global platform, and contribute to influential discussions and publications. This membership not only elevates his professional standing but also provides a unique platform to further influence the future of logistics and supply chain management.

Reacting to his induction, Muradov stated, “I’m excited and honored to be part of the Forbes Business Council. This isn’t just a personal achievement for me; it’s a recognition of how much technology can change the game in logistics. I’m looking forward to collaborating with this amazing community and continuing to innovate in supply chain management.”

About Khusniddin Muradov:

Khusniddin Muradov is a visionary entrepreneur and an authority in the logistics industry, known for his innovative approach to integrating technology into traditional business models. He is the founder of, a consultancy firm dedicated to tech-enablement in supply chains, and has a history of leading companies to significant financial successes.


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Published by: Nelly Chavez

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