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Kierra Pershall Making Her Mark with Wavy Baby Brows

Most people have heard about microblading—an eyebrow styling procedure that cuts pigment into the eyebrows to create a semi-permanent brow tattoo that maintains a natural finish. But there has been another offshoot solution to the microblading movement that has been on the rise called ombre powder brows. As of late, brow artists have been rising in popularity because of this option, and one of them is Kierra Pershall. 

Kierra is an entrepreneur, influencer, and ombre powder brow artist who has become a hit online. She’s from Vancouver, Washington and is the owner of a local brand of eyebrow styling called Wavy Baby Brows, which has skyrocketed in popularity and success in a short time. The business has only been around for two months, but the bookings have flooded in as more and more stories, and testimonials come out of the Wavy Baby Brow business. 

Kierra Pershall started Wavy Baby Brows to help people who feel unconfident about how they look. The brow artist came from an industry where people were often judged for their appearance, gravely affecting people’s self-confidence and perception, especially women. Driven by the resolve to start a counter-culture, Kierra thought of a service to address that pain point. She chanced upon a piece of research that showed that one of the visual factors that made people look old was their thinning eyebrows. She then realized how important it was to maintain a stark contrast in the brow area to make people look youthful and vibrant. 

Hence, the budding business owner started Wavy Baby Brows, a brand of eyebrow styling that focused on using ombre powder. Unlike microblading, which cuts small ridges into the skin to insert a pigment, Ombre brows use a less invasive machine and thus have lower downtimes. As a result, it also presents lesser risks and health issues. 

Millions of women worldwide spend hours working on their eyebrows every week before even stepping out or appearing in a Zoom meeting. Semi-permanent brow procedures provide a simple, time-saving solution that could simplify a woman’s makeup routine and allow her freedom to focus on other things. The eyebrow makeup industry has been a massive market for the longest time. Still, long-term solutions like ombre powder brows have been the talk of the town as it gives a semi-permanent finish that could last anywhere between two to three years and look more natural. 

Kierra Pershall hopes to expand Wavy Baby Brows in the future and start providing other services and products that could promote her no-judgment culture across the Washington area and beyond. In addition, the brow artist believes in the power of collaboration and hopes to work with other beauty influencers, personalities, and artists to come up with ways to build confidence and self-esteem among women.

Before opening Wavy Baby Brows, Kierra Pershall used to vlog regularly to share her journey as a mom and wife to the world. She hopes to one day open up a salon or beauty center and serve hundreds of clients at a time. Learn more about Wavy Baby Brows and Kierra Pershall by checking out their Instagram profile.

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