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Kira Muchnyk – Famous Newborn & Family Photographer Shares Insights

Kira Muchnyk - Famous Newborn & Family Photographer Shares Insights
Photo Credit: Kira Muchnyk

Kira, what inspired you to specialize in newborn photography?

I found my inspiration during my daughter’s photo shoot. Witnessing that magic, I fell in love instantly. That’s when I decided to focus on photographing babies because it is truly a miracle.

However, working with newborns is quite challenging. How did you learn to create such incredible photos?

Yes, it’s a demanding task, but I had an excellent mentor. Valeria Yurlovich, a newborn photographer from Italy, influenced my career. She believed in me and shared her photography secrets.

Can you share some of the challenges you face when photographing newborns during sessions?

Every child is unique, requiring a tailored approach. Reassuring parents about their baby’s safety is crucial. Sometimes, babies are hungry, and moms may not always have enough milk. Babies might fall asleep at the breast because they’re tired not necessarily full. Hence, I ask mothers to prepare for the photoshoot by bringing milk in a bottle, ensuring the baby isn’t hungry.

How do you ensure a comfortable and safe environment for both the baby and the parents during the photoshoot?

The newborn’s safety is my top priority. After each session, I had a lot of laundry to do because, before the shoot, I sterilized everything with hot steam.

What sets KiraKids Newborn Photography apart from other newborn photography studios, and how does your work stand out?

As a mom, I understand the value of newborn photos, prioritizing the baby’s safety. I avoid poses that could harm them, and all clothing and props are made from natural materials to prevent irritation.

Kira Muchnyk - Famous Newborn & Family Photographer Shares Insights

Photo Credit: Kira Muchnyk

Can you tell us about the natural, handmade props you use for your photoshoots?

I source props from around the world, collaborating with favorite craftsmen who create magical dresses for princesses and incredible costumes for boys upon my request.

What aspect of newborn photography brings you the most joy and fulfillment in your career?

The most fulfilling aspect is capturing the unique personalities of each newborn. Every baby has a distinct charm and innocence that I aim to portray through my lens. Witnessing the joy and love on parents’ faces when they see those moments frozen in time is incredibly rewarding. It’s the kind of job where I get to share in the happiness of welcoming a new life into the world.

Could you describe a particularly memorable or touching moment you’ve experienced while photographing a newborn or a family?

I had a mom who received a photoshoot for her newborn. She was so impressed that she couldn’t hold back tears. Every image brought tears of joy to her eyes.

Kira Muchnyk - Famous Newborn & Family Photographer Shares Insights

Photo Credit: Kira Muchnyk

For soon-to-be mothers considering a newborn photoshoot, what advice or insights would you offer to make the experience memorable and stress-free?

It’s better to plan the photoshoot in advance, ideally 2-3 months before the baby’s due date, to ensure availability in my schedule. Late bookings might not have open slots.

To future moms, I recommend savoring every moment of pregnancy. Get enough sleep while you can and prepare for the upcoming joy of meeting your baby. For my recent words, feel free to follow my Instagram page –

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