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KYSTAR Thrives in Revealing the Other Side of Soccer Unseen in Traditional Media

KYSTAR is a digital soccer media company based in the Netherlands. It was founded in 2014 with a mission to entertain soccer fans across the globe with immersive soccer-related content, including news about the sport gathered from players and events worldwide, entertaining posts, and videos.

The platform has produced a wide variety of content, such as funny moments of soccer players on and off-the-pitch, behind-the-scenes moments shared by players, funny stories of soccer players worldwide, and many other moments in soccer history that showcase how loved the sport truly is by fans.

Furthermore, KYSTAR provides talents with the opportunity to be featured on the network to highlight their unique personalities and skills and amplify them to the platform’s global audience. KYSTAR has helped many personalities kickstart their careers in the sports industry by pushing their stories through the network, getting each of their narratives heard by soccer enthusiasts from all walks of life.

In addition, KYSTAR also started a YouTube channel in 2014, further strengthening its presence in the digital space. Also, the network has established itself within social media platforms to reach more audiences and increase its audience. Currently, KYSTAR has over 510,000 subscribers on YouTube with over 250 million total views for its content, making them some of the most-viewed soccer-related videos on the internet ever from every soccer-loving country in the world. Meanwhile, KYSTAR has amassed over 80,000 followers on Instagram and fully maximizes the platform by interacting with their audiences and providing them with fast updates on what is happening in the soccer  world.

Asked why he built KYSTAR, founder and CEO Koray Yalcin shared that traditional media often frames soccer in a more serious manner, focusing mainly on match performances, statistics, and game analytics. With KYSTAR, Yalcin aims to give soccer fans like himself an inside look into the industry without all the fine cuts and filters.

“I know what the new generation of soccer fans want to see. KYSTAR focuses on the fun side of the sport soccer and is the voice and brain of soccer fans,” shared the founder. “KYSTAR listens to its followers to improve its content and takes suggestions from their audience to really provide their needs. I have built everything in the company alone and organically. I never got any marketing push. KYSTAR grew only through its content,” Yalcin added.

The founder grew up watching soccer, and his passion for the sport led him to create a portal that showcases the fun side of soccer to encourage the new generation of fans to continually foster their love for soccer. 

KYSTAR takes audiences into the raw and unedited world of players and acts as a window through which soccer fans can see their idols in a different light than how they are depicted by traditional media.

In five years, Yalcin envisions KYSTAR to be one of the biggest soccer media companies in the world and gain millions more followers across its social media channels. In addition, the platform aims to continue producing quality content that gives soccer fans what they want and deserve.To learn more about KYSTAR, visit its website.

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