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L.O.L Hospitality Built The Modern Rose Into the Cult-Followed Brand It Is Today

Pictured: Luan Sebba coaching CrossFit

L.o.L x MORE is a partnership between L.o.L Hospitality Group and South Florida’s MORE Companies that aims to bring true hospitality to a variety of industries, including fitness, residential communities, theme parks, airports, and more. L.o.L x MORE is dedicated to serving people wherever there is an opportunity. This partnership is perfect for those who are involved in large communities, own gyms or work as fitness consultants, property managers, real estate brokers, and more. 

Luan, the founder of MORE Companies, is committed to bringing a better life to all through fitness and health. “After years of successful fitness/lifestyle brand scaling, I’m ready to go on my own and help other dreamers build new realities,” he shared. Emilio, the founder of L.o.L Hospitality Group, added to Luan’s statement, saying, “I’ve always enjoyed the relentless, do-or-die pace of entrepreneur life. I see small businesses as their owners’ creative outlets, and I enjoy creating for the world.”

In the near future, L.o.L x MORE will be expanding its entertainment servicing division, aiming to gain international recognition and pursuing large-scale government dining and health facility contracts.

The representatives expressed that true hospitality is more than just providing a service but about creating a welcoming and enjoyable experience for everyone, offering something for each individual, no matter the background. “We want the readers to know that L.o.L x MORE have recognized a gaping problem and are here as a collective powerhouse to solve it,” they shared. 

With the goal of bringing true hospitality to all industries, L.o.L x MORE hopes to encourage more people to join its mission to make a real difference in the world, believing in the power of collaborative effort focused on addressing the needs of clients. 

So if you’re looking for a partner that can help you bring true hospitality to your industry, look no further than L.o.L x MORE.

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