LaFarra & Co: Advocated for Eye Safety by Providing Healthier Alternatives for Lash Products

The eyes are arguably the most battered part of the human body; after all, they virtually work nonstop. Aside from that, the majority pay little to no attention to these essential organs until the unimaginable happens. The idea that the eyes’ health is an afterthought is one of the main reasons the unique brand LaFarra & Co openly advocates the importance of taking care of one’s eyes.

Founded by Dr. LaFarra Young-Gaylor, the venture offers luxurious wellness beauty products for individuals with product sensitivities. Its mission is to help people look their absolute best and ensure that they do not compromise their health in doing so.

What motivated the pathologist and autoimmune thriver to build the business was her awful experience with several eyelash products. In the past, she constantly dealt with pink, irritated eyes whenever she wore eye makeup.

After her continuous negative experience with eye products, Dr. LaFarra’s pathologist and health coach training were instrumental in her realizing that the ingredients in her mascara and liner were causing the issue. After researching, she found out that some brands contain harmful ingredients that could cause allergies, lash loss, irritation, and other health problems over long-term use that potentially affect many women.

She decided to take matters into her own hands. In her quest to find healthier and cleaner beauty choices for those with product sensitivities, Dr. LaFarra had begun formulating an entire line of luxury magnetic lashes with a makeup removal system that does not contain harsh chemicals. Thus, LaFarra & Co was born. 

In addition to its commitment to providing high-quality lash solutions, what makes the company stand out is the extraordinary dedication and passion of Dr. LaFarra. She tests and uses all of her products to ensure that they can fulfill the brand’s promise of delivering safe alternative eye products.

When asked to share her motivation to start the brand, insightfully, she replied, “As a working single mom to young children, I wanted a convenient way to “wake up my face” which was also safe to use on my sensitive skin. I wanted lashes that looked like my own natural lashes. I didn’t see many other options, so I created my line of luxury lashes and skincare products that had the woman with sensitivities in mind.”

LaFarra & Co has revolutionized the beauty industry with its excellent offerings and customer-centric culture. In the future, it plans to continue scaling its success and to provide more creative solutions to real issues women face in the cosmetics space.

As its brilliant founder and CEO confidently proclaimed, “My company will help transform the beauty industry with safe, chic products for confident, busy women who will know they have a choice when it comes to beauty products. They won’t have to compromise on quality just because they want a more natural look, and they will also appreciate my brand because I use science to help support incorporation or exclusion of ingredients in my products.”

To learn more about LaFarra & Co, visit its official website. You can also follow its social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

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