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La’Shondra Johnson’s Pitch It LLC Empowers Executives to Master the Art of Authentic Communication

Pitch It LLC
Photo Credit: La’Shondra Johnson

La’Shondra Johnson, the dynamic force behind Pitch It LLC, is making waves in the realm of public speaking and leadership coaching. With a mission to amplify influence, sales, and retention through authentic voice coaching, La’Shondra is revolutionizing the way executives and business decision-makers communicate.

La’Shondra Johnson, a Miami native and accomplished public speaking professional, author, and college professor, is the driving force behind Pitch It LLC. The company is dedicated to polishing speaking skills, clarifying customer pain in sales pitches, and ultimately, growing revenue. La’Shondra’s journey began with her introduction to theater and oratory competitions in high school, leading her to become an award-winning orator and an upcoming TEDx speaker.

A graduate of the University of Central Florida with an MBA from Nova Southeastern University, La’Shondra recognized the need for authentic voice coaching after witnessing a lack of confidence in her students and adults struggling with public speaking. Thus, Pitch It LLC was born, focusing on public speaking, branding, interview skills, and overall presentation excellence.

La’Shondra Johnson is a sought-after speaker and leadership coach, advocating for the power of an authentic voice in enhancing productivity, client buy-in, and employee retention. Her engagements at conferences, lunch and learns, summits, and professional development sessions inspire professionals to harness the strength of their unique voices.

Pitch It LLC provides a comprehensive range of coaching services designed to enhance public speaking skills and communication strategies. The Complimentary Mini Course, available on the Pitch It LLC website, comprises a two-video series that serves as a guide for individuals seeking to grasp the fundamentals of public speaking and establish a compelling speaker’s profile. As participants complete the course, they are in for pleasant surprises that add value to their learning experience.

For organizations looking to cultivate effective communication within their teams, Pitch It LLC offers Enterprise Coaching with two distinct tracks. The first track, Authentic Leadership Training, focuses on enhancing leaders’ communication skills on personal, purposeful, and professional levels. The second track, Pain in the Pitch, provides advanced coaching in sales techniques, emphasizing authenticity and emotional intelligence to better connect with prospective clients and tailor effective solutions.

Additionally, Pitch It LLC introduces the Pitch It Mechanic, a transformative 6-week program aimed at refining public speaking skills within a group setting. Participants undergo a comprehensive tune-up, acquiring essential tools and techniques to elevate their communication abilities. The program includes interactive workshops and individualized goal-setting opportunities, all housed within the Pitch It Academy, ensuring a lively and timely learning experience for all involved.

As Pitch It LLC continues to make strides in the coaching and public speaking arena, La’Shondra Johnson’s vision for empowering individuals with their authentic voice is poised to become a reality. To join the journey and enhance your communication skills, visit Pitch It LLC today.

To learn more about La’Shondra Johnson and Pitch It LLC, visit their website. Connect with La’Shondra Johnson on Instagram.


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