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Learn How Andrew Molen and Revel Rouge Are Changing the Event Planning Industry

Andrew Molen is an American chef and hospitality professional that has spent his career perfecting his restaurant strategies and philosophy. Andrew fell in love with the hospitality industry at a young age while working at his family’s restaurant. Molen has since established himself as a well known executive operational manager in the restaurant industry that uses his hospitality expertise to elevate guests’ dining experience. Throughout his career, Andrew made an impact on some of the finest restaurants in NYC and is known as a forward thinker with fantastic development skills. Lately Andrew has been partnering as a chef with Revel Rouge, a event planning company that is known for their high profile private events, conferences, and weddings. Andrew has been collaborating with Revel Rouge on events in and around Connecticut, the Hamptons, and New York City.

Personally Curated

Revel Rouge offers a concierge style service that allows their team to align with clients to curate an event straight out of their dreams. From start to finish Revel Rouge works with clients to gain an understanding of the food, entertainment, and ambiance that they are envisioning. There is no limit to the creativity and imagination of the staff at Revel Rouge and clients are regularly awestruck by the beautifully planned events Revel Rouge delivers. Revel Rouge knows that an event begins well before the guests arrive, and they take care of every single aspect. Revel Rouge doesn’t host standard events. Every single event, wedding, or conference is completely personalized and perfected for each client’s needs.

Event Services

When clients hire Revel Rouge, they know they are getting the full package. From food, to entertainment, to aesthetics, and most importantly execution, an event will be carefully planned out to every last detail. Revel Rouge curates events of all sizes, with previous events ranging from 10-250 people. Milestone parties are a popular event type that Revel Rouge works with, and there is no better way to memorialize a milestone than an unforgettable evening planned to perfection. Andrew has taken on the role of chef for events based around New York City, the Hamptons, Connecticut, and the surrounding area. Andrew’s food lights up the events he caters and he finishes each dish off with gorgeous plating.

The Hamptons Are On The Rise

The Hamptons are renowned as a very popular summer destination for New York City residents. Andrew is confident that the seaside communities are quickly rising to be a year round destination. Molen stated that COVID-19 has helped to reshape many popular summer destinations to be more appealing year round. The Hamptons have seen people taking much longer stays in 2020 and 2021, and it doesn’t look like things are slowing down. Andrew cooks for Revel Rouge’s events that take place in the Hamptons and the area makes for some of the most creative and beautiful events thanks to the scenery. Molen is a lover of the Hamptons himself and is excited to see it booming year round.

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