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Learn How Arquella Hargrove, CEO of Epic Collaborative Advisors Helps Companies Tackle Diversity

Arquella Hargrove is an American HR Advisor & Corporate turnaround specialist based out of Houston, Texas. Hargrove provides her services as a part of her existing organization — Epic Collaborative Advisors. Epic Collaborative Partners is a streamlined consulting group that provides hands-on HR Management Services, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Training, and Executive Coaching. With a passion for inclusion & diversity, Arquella wants you to know that diversity & inclusion are a great way for companies to build a more meaningful & profitable organization. Arquella went on to state “We align with the organizations we work with not to act as the police & draw but rather we are here to provide support and bandwidth through addressing what can be changed to create a more inclusive and productive workplace.” To learn more about Diversity & Inclusion, we sat down with Arquella Hargrove to gather meaningful insight. 

What Does Diversity Mean For An Organization 

Arquella believes that Diversity is all about representation, in other words making sure that everyone is heard and involved within the organization. Hargrove went on to say that diversity can mean many things, furthermore stating: “It is more than what we see, from race to ethnicity, to even levels of education. It really comes down to the makeup of a company.” When building an equitable culture leaders must understand the importance of representation. Companies that address the wants & needs of their employees & staff in a representational manner can expect better results and production in alignment with their vision for success in the future. 

Hiring Diverse Talent In The Workforce

With over 30+ years of experience in HR Management, Arquella has built a great understanding of what is needed to hire an excellent performing diverse team of talent that aligns with the wants and needs of an organization. Studies show that more diverse companies do better than ones with less emphasis on diversity at an operational level. Arquella understands that for most companies, finding the right candidates to add as a cultural add-on can be a challenge. She went on to say a helpful tip to recruiting new talent might be readily available through existing staff, stating: “Make sure that you are tapping into all employees that exist within your organization that may be able to refer potential candidates.” With inclusion & representation, Employees will be inclined to help their organization find what is sought after for growth — This is a key to success long term in today’s marketplace. 

Diversity Doesn’t Work Without Inclusion & Vice Versa 

You need diversity and inclusion together to truly get the benefits that exist in having a diverse team. Furthermore, A company may have the most diverse workforce there is but if the staff of the company doesn’t feel heard or desired in alignment with their wants and needs inside & outside the organization — they will leave. To lower the turnover rate, Arquella recommends diverse organizations engage with their team(s) to find out what they think about the organization. Hargrave went on to state “The best way to diagnose what issues linger in your organization in terms of inclusion is to find out what your employees think! In a comfortable setting — Give your employees the voice they deserve to speak on ways things can be better for both themselves and their team members.”

To learn more about Arquella Hargrove & her organization, Epic Collaborative Advisors, click here

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