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Learn How Chef Joseph Bonavita Is Impacting The Culinary Scene In Miami With Upcoming Restaurant: WET

Joseph Bonavita is an American culinary professional, and the Executive Chef at WET in Miami, FL. Chef Joseph developed his love for cooking at an early age, and knew that his passion for food would lead him to a career in the culinary industry. Bonavita studied Culinary Management at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and before staging at Per Se and Le Bernardin, two of the most iconic dining destinations in New York City. From there, Joseph spent time cooking and learning in some of the finest restaurants in Chicago and New York City, even working in multiple Michelin starred restaurants. After honing his culinary skills Chef Bonavita relocated to Florida where he has led teams at The Tideline Ocean Resort, STK Steakhouse, and The Deck at Island Gardens. Now, Joseph is filling the role of executive chef at WET, a highly anticipated restaurant that will be coming to Miami in January. 

Quality Ingredients 

One of the many reasons that Miami’s culinary connoisseurs are so excited about WET opening is the unmatched quality of ingredients. Chef Bonavita stated that a very famous chef once told him “You and I can cook the same recipe. If I source better ingredients, I will be the better chef”. This tidbit of culinary wisdom has stuck with Joseph over the years and he takes it to heart in everything that he does. WET is no different and he has spent countless hours aligning suppliers that provide the highest quality ingredients around. Fresh local seafood and high end beef with the addition of Chef Joseph’s culinary flavor will soon offer an unforgettable experience for diners. Bonavita went on to say “I just take the best ingredients possible and highlight them in a way that makes them shine best!” and the cuisine at WET will serve as another example of that. 

Innovative Experience 

WET Miami, A globally influenced Surf n’ Turf-restaurant, set in the heart of Miami’s Brickell neighborhood, WET Miami features contemporary renditions of classic steak and seafood preparations, successfully fusing great food, service and an exceptional scene as it appeals to the tastes of today’s modern diner. The 230 seat, two-level restaurant offers a variety of unique dining experiences to its diverse clientele, boasting a second floor lounge, large bar and communal dining options that further augment the warm, inviting atmosphere. This combination of flavor, pleasing aesthetic, and entertainment will propel WET into becoming one of the hottest spots in Miami. The experience won’t just be unique for diners though. Chef Bonavita is fostering a family style work culture that prioritizes a work-life balance for his employees. The restaurant industry is notorious for it’s stressful and fast paced environment, but Joseph is a firm believer that a happy team makes great food and offers excellent service. 

Dry Aged Beef Program 

Another thing setting WET apart from the competition is Chef Joseph’s dry age locker program he is developing. This will allow guests to purchase an entire loin and store it in the restaurants dedicated dry age meat lockers. Joseph explained that the restaurant will cut a steak from the loin on every peak day. By taking advantage of this program, guests can taste the entire progression of the dry-aging process while not having to worry about storing or cooking the meat. On top of the restaurant proactively reminding diners about their new cut, Bonavita and his team even prepare cocktails that perfectly complement the flavor profile that aligns with the given time of dry-aging. There is no better way for anyone to enjoy the dry age process than it being paired with the environment of WET and Chef Bonavita’s fresh simplistic take on good food. 

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