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Learn How Chef Tasos Chasekioglou & CT Luxury Dining Provide a First-Class Private Dining Service

Chef Tasos Chasekioglou is a Greek chef who founded and operates CT Luxury Dining in Miami, FL. Tasos is an internationally renowned chef who has experience cooking in some of the finest restaurants in the world. When the pandemic turned the restaurant industry upside down, Chef Tasos sought out a new way to share his passion for good food and fine dining with the Miami area. The private industry has always been appealing to Tasos and when he saw the opportunity to make his private debut he took it happily. CT Luxury Dining is quickly becoming known around Miami for providing one of the best private dining experiences around.

One Of A Kind Experience

Chef Tasos is dedicated to providing more than just food, he works hard to ensure that CT Luxury Dining’s clients receive an unforgettable experience that encompasses excellent service, delicious food, and an ambiance that perfectly fits the event. Tasos carefully designs every aspect of his service for each event and he works hard to energize every event with an exciting menu and first class staff. Before every event Chef Tasos organizes a tasting and pairing that allows clients to explore the different flavors highlighted in the menu and select cocktails and wines that compliment them perfectly. With extensive menu options inspired by cuisines from around the world, CT Luxury Catering has a menu to fit every event.

Miami’s Hottest Events

CT Luxury Dining caters some of the most exclusive events in the Miami area. Chef Tasos provides their first class experience to a range of events such as yacht parties, private jet dining, corporate events, special occasions and private parties. The first step in perfecting an event starts with a consultative meeting where Chef Tasos works closely with the client to determine the best way to provide an unforgettable experience. CT Luxury Dining handles everything from preparation, providing their own equipment, and cleaning up after the event so clients can sit back and enjoy themselves. Customer safety is a top priority for Tasos and he ensures that every staff member has a negative COVID-19 test and every safety procedure set by authorities is carefully followed.

Other Services

On top of the high end catering services provided by CT Luxury Dining, Tasos also offers cooking classes and private dining services. Chef Tasos’ cooking classes are highly sought after and participants are given the opportunity to learn culinary skills from an internationally recognized chef. Cooking class students are provided with ingredients, needed equipment, and personalized coaching on cooking authentic Greek cuisine led by Chef Tasos. Tasos makes the learning process easy and at the end students get the chance to enjoy the high quality three course meal that they cooked themselves. With instruction from a seasoned chef, every participant comes out of the class knowing more about food and flavors.

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To learn more about Chef Tasos or inquire about reserving an exclusive dining or concierge experience, click here.

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