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Learn How Cole Lake Is Changing the Real Estate Game

Cole Lake is an American real estate professional that works with Berkshire Hathaway. Cole attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa and entered the workforce immediately after graduating. Lake wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life and spent some time working different jobs and discovering what profession spoke to him. In 2019 Cole saved up some money and made the decision to start his career in real estate in Las Vegas. He comes from a family of real estate agents in Washington state and he has a natural knack for real estate and relationship building. Since getting started, Lake has been consistently successful and enjoys helping people find the perfect home.

Personalized Approach

Cole takes a personalized, non-transactional approach to real estate that allows him to truly understand what clients are looking for, and align a solution with them. Relationship building is a part of Lake’s process and he is a firm believer that you can’t help a client to the best of your ability without forming a connection. There are many real estate agents that take advantage of clients by being unclear or intentionally misleading. Transparency is a priority for Cole and he makes an extra effort to ensure that the client understands exactly what is going on, no matter what type of deal it is. To Cole, finding a home is about more than finding something that looks good. Lake stated: “It is about how you feel when you walk through the front door, and instantly see your life unfolding there. This is more than just real estate. It is about your life and your dreams”.

Creating Success

Although there are more experienced real estate agents in Las Vegas, Cole quickly proved that he is just as effective as an older agent if not more. In his first year as an agent Lake generated over $8 million in real estate sales. Cole was able to establish this success right off the bat by exceeding the expectations of every client he had the opportunity to work with. By conducting deep market research and implementing efficient business strategies, Cole is able to find clients the perfect home. Lake uses cutting edge strategies to buy and sell real estate so not only does he exceed client’s expectations, but he works very efficiently. Success means something different to every person. Having an $8 million year constitutes financial success, but to Cole true success comes from helping other people and making them happy.

Helping his first three clients get through the real estate process and experiencing their happiness is a valuable memory for Cole, and that inspires him to go out and work hard every day.

Taking Control Of The Future

Cole has big plans to continue growing as a real estate professional and entrepreneur. Real estate has quickly grown to be a passion of Lake’s and he is making every effort to become the top producing real estate agent in Las Vegas. Cole would also like to open his own brokerage in the next three to four years so he can pass down his passionate strategies to new realtors. The ability to adapt to change is important to Cole, and he sees adaptability as a crucial skill set for anyone to achieve their future goals. Lake isn’t limited to real estate though, he is an opportunistic entrepreneur and is always on the lookout for new opportunities to grow his career.

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