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Learn How Erik Anthony Klima is Changing The Fitness Industry One Online Coach at a Time

Erik Anthony Klima is an American business professional & coach for online fitness trainers looking to build and scale their organization. In his career, he has successfully built his coaching agency to a 7 figure valuation & currently services some of the top online fitness businesses in the world. Leveraging social media, Erik has been able to find success in the marketplace by leveraging social media to connect with struggling online fitness coaches & help them take their organization to the next level with his proven concepts & systems. Anthony credits his success to the fact that he has been there and done it himself, specifically that he started out as an in person trainer at LA Fitness & turned into a successful online fitness coach. To learn more about Erik Anthony Klima, we sat down with him to learn about how he helps fitness coaches succeed in the marketplace. 

Hardship To Success — Learn How Erik Klima Built His Coaching Empire

Klima started out as a struggling fitness coach working at LA Fitness prior to finding success in online coaching. Like many in the fitness trainer industry, Erik found himself not satisfied with his lack of freedom and the money that he was earning from his career at the organization. Due to this, Erik took the leap of faith and got coaching to start an online fitness business. Within his first month, he made over $10,000.00 by learning proven systems and concepts from others online with existing successful online coaching businesses. Overtime Erik went on to build his coaching business and walk away from the traditional fitness trainer space. Klima realized there was an opportunity to give back, If he could build a business in online fitness training so could others. From that point on & existing today, Erik made the shift from online fitness training to coaching fitness trainers that want to take their business to the next level just like he was able to accomplish. 

Common Issues With Online Fitness Trainers & What Can Be Done To Find More Success 

Erik wants you to know that in order to succeed in the online fitness industry it is important to have a coach that you can seek counsel with on how to grow your business. Furthermore, Kilma went on to say: “It is easy to get stuck in your own ways, especially when you don’t have the proven business concepts for your organization to succeed and drive results. The last thing you want is to spin your wheels and think you are getting somewhere but really you aren’t making the progress necessary to hit your goals.” A tip Erik recommends to find more success other than vetting a viable coach is learning how to build the bandwidth around yourself through talent acquisition for your business so that you can focus on money making activities. 

Future Growth & Expansion For Erik Klima & How You Can Work With Him 

Erik’s organization is focusing on expanding its reach of coaches that it services its proven concepts and business growth strategies to. As a Ex-Fitness Trainer coach that has had success in the marketplace, Klima understands that his organization has a significant edge in the marketplace when it comes to aligning with struggling fitness coaches online. By working with Erik & his team, Fitness coaches receive the necessary information and the answers to their specific questions that they need to take their business to the next level. 
To learn more about Erik Anthony Klima & his organization, click here.

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