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Learn what’s trending in Wedding Fashion for Grooms in 2023 with Pernia’s Pop Up Shop Men

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Wedding fashion has come a long way for grooms. Traditionally, grooms used to dress in conservative and traditional attire, but in recent years, there has been a shift in the way grooms approach their look for the special day.

Wedding trends for grooms in 2023 reflect that grooms are becoming more fashion-conscious. Grooms opt for stylish and unique looks that showcase their personality while maintaining a sense of elegance, making bold statements with their wedding outfits. In this fast-paced market, brands like Pernia’s Pop Up Shop Men play a pivotal role in providing grooms with choices for their special day.

Let’s delve into the top wedding trends for grooms this year:

Printed Sherwani over simple Sherwani 

Sherwanis are the traditional Indian wedding attire for men and will continue to be a popular choice in 2023. However, the difference is personalization and the mesmerizing prints instead of regular solid-colored sherwanis. Grooms opt for sherwanis with unique designs and personalization that reflect their personality. Pernia’s Pop Up Shop Men offers a range of designer collections to cater to this demand. Now, grooms are choosing options like Pearl Dupion Silk Digital Embroidered Sherwani Set, Pink Malaysian Silk & Cotton Silk Printed Sherwani Set, Sea Green Silk Embroidered Sherwani and many similar options, which reflect some beautiful prints in mesmerizing colors. This trend allows grooms to stand out and make a lasting impression on their Wedding day.

Indo-Western Sherwanis are the new black.

The fusion of traditional Indian and Western styles in the form of Indo-Western sherwanis is the hot topic of the hour. These sherwanis offer a modern and stylish look, with personalized fits and contemporary designs that allow grooms to stay stylish and conventional at the same time. Grooms look at matching this trend with Pernia’s Pop Up Shop Men’s signature designer options like Black Viscose Wool Embroidered Panelled Indowestern Set, Silver Grey Silk Embroidered Indowestern Set With Juttis, Charcoal Grey Embroidered Indowestern Set and many more.

Non-traditional colors for the celebration relay

Grooms are no longer confined to traditional wedding colors like red and maroon. In 2023, grooms are ditching the traditional options and setting the trends with options like Wine Cotton Satin & Dupion Silk Printed Indowestern Jacket Set for sangeet, Ice Blue Embroidered Sherwani Set for the wedding day & Metallic Embroidered Tuxedo Set for resting the relay of functions in style. These unconventional colour choices bring a fresh and unique twist to the groom’s attire.

Making a statement with Unique Accessories

From cufflinks to stoles, grooms add a personal touch to their style with every piece of accessory. Popular accessories choices for this year are leather juttis, stoles, pocket squares, and cufflinks, and Pernia’s Pop Up Shop Men takes care of every need of accessories with their beyond ordinary designer collections like Burnt Cherry Leather Loafers, Antique Gold Brass Lion Claw Cufflinks With Brooch, Gold Brass Lion Brooch Beige Pashmina Hand & Machine Embroidered Shawl, Red Jade Beaded Layered Mala and many others.

Wedding trends for grooms in 2023 prove the changing landscape of wedding fashion. Grooms are no longer adhering to tradition but are embracing their individuality through personalized sherwanis, Indo-western styles, non-traditional colors, and unique accessories.

Pernia’s Pop Up Shop Men complements these trends by offering grooms an extensive range of choices to help them achieve their desired look. Grooms in 2023 are undoubtedly setting new standards for wedding fashion, and the possibilities are endless.

Grooms are setting the stage to express their unique personalities by following trends in their unique way through choosing Printed sherwanis, Indo-Western fusion, and unconventional colors while maintaining the elegance of the occasion. A wide array of unique accessories adds the finishing touches. Brands like Pernia’s Pop Up Shop Men are at the forefront, offering an impressive range of choices to cater to the evolving tastes of grooms. The groom’s outfits are no longer just attires; they’re a statement of individuality and style.


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