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Limitless X Goes Public and Is Expected to Dominate the World Market

Bio Lab Naturals, referred to as “the Company” (OTCQB: BLAB), recently announced to the public that it has completed the share exchange agreement with shareholders of the company Limitless X, effective May 20, 2022. This means that Limitless X has become the owner and principal operating subsidiary of Bio Lab Naturals.

Bio Lab Naturals will be changing its name in the near future and will file for a ticker symbol change. Meanwhile, Limitless X will continue to use Bio Lab Naturals’ business and core operations, which include Prime Time Live, Inc., a Denver-based company that offers high-resolution LED screens for all kinds of events. 

At the helm of taking Limitless X to the next level is thriving entrepreneur and successful venture capitalist Jas Mathur. Limitless X uses an integrated direct-to-consumer model, boasts of its high-quality products, and the endorsement and support of the biggest names in the film industry, music business, and sports. With the current development, Limitless X is expected to penetrate the global market and become a recognizable brand name in the beauty and skincare, CBD, and health and wellness industries. 

Mathus’ impressive track record involves developing multiple brands that stand out in the marketing and health and wellness sectors. Over the past years, his brands have managed to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in profit annually. Mathus is also the founder of Limitless, a digital marketing and branding firm that has created a name by launching reliable dietary and CBD supplements. If anything, he is a trailblazer who is always ahead of his generation when it comes to the next big thing in the market. It is this same business acumen and eye for potential investments that he will use to make Limitless X an unstoppable brand name. 

“Today marks an important milestone for Limitless X,” Mathur said. “Our mission is to launch products and services which make people look good and feel great. Operating as a public company, we are now able to increase our visibility and exposure within the capital markets, expand our brand recognition and provide our market opportunity to a wider investor audience. I look forward to this next step, of entering the public markets and turning Limitless X into a rapidly growing successful enterprise and a globally recognized household brand.”

In the area of dietary supplements, Limitless X offers the Divatrim Superwoman Blend, a vegan superfood formulation that keeps women in great shape. It provides the body with all its needed protein and nutrients with minimal calories. This unique blend is full of the body’s much-needed vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants derived from vegetables, beans, peas, fruit, nuts and seeds. This bestseller is also highly recommended to clients who wish to improve their gut health and strengthen their digestive support. 

The company also developed the NZT-48, also known as the Limitless Pill, which is known to promote increased focus level, a sharper memory, create analytical ability, positive thinking, and the “cutting edge” feeling. The Oneshot Driv3, on the other hand, is known to be the most advanced fat shredder in the industry today. This impressive pre-workout mix has the ability to increase anyone’s stamina and strength, all while improving a person’s cognitive functions at the same time. It also came out with an enhanced formulation known as the Oneshot Drive Candy Punch. 

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