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Linda Washington on Being a Survivor and Emerging as One of Today’s Brightest R&B Stars

Different people have different reasons behind their will to overcome hardships and rise above adversities. While some individuals draw strength from the support they get from family and friends, others find inspiration in causes and advocacies larger than themselves. In the case of Linda Washington, an esteemed artist and upcoming R&B powerhouse, it is her previous experience as a breast cancer survivor that fuels her drive. Today, this visionary hopes to become the voice for the unheard and wishes to use her craft to touch as many lives as possible. 

Widely acknowledged for her musical prowess and compassionate soul, Linda Washington emerges as a powerful vocalist whose passion-driven spirit knows no bounds. Determined to inspire others and encourage them in their respective journeys, the artist steps into her light as a transformational force around the globe. 

On a mission to spread love through music, rising R&B artist Linda Washington aims to use her voice in accompanying her listeners in their journey towards self-love. Being someone who values love, kindness, and confidence, the songstress hopes to tackle issues revolving around self-esteem, self-belief, and self-worth. 

After the massive success of her first single called “Love Again,” Linda Washington proudly announces the release of her second single entitled “Need Love,” featuring the music superstar Lamar. Although the music industry is already saturated with other talented artists, she sets herself apart by merging her sultry sound with upbeat rhythms, all while delivering impactful and masterfully written lyrics. 

Aside from being one of the strongest artists in today’s music scene, Linda Washington is also thriving as a mother of four children, a healthcare worker, and an author of Forbidden and Broken’s: Finding Love Behind the Scars.

In an interview, Linda Washington talked about the driving forces behind her flourishing career. “I was instantly motivated when I opened up to the wrong person that I was a breast cancer survivor. Instead of getting the support I needed, I was beaten and belittled. That person even went as far as telling me that I was not a real woman anymore and that I should get used to being treated badly,” the artist shared. “Those piercing words stayed in my soul that I gave up dating for ten years already,” she added. 

As someone who has been through a seemingly endless string of misfortunes, Linda Washington is intimately familiar with the harsh realities of the world. Her struggles with battling breast cancer and trusting the wrong people have resonated with countless others who have survived the same odds. Because of her unflinching approach to baring her soul, the R&B artist is currently on the receiving end of accolades and great reviews. 

With her distinctive artistry and impressive courage in talking about vulnerable topics, Linda Washington is not afraid of sharing her story and using it as a source of motivation and inspiration for many others. In the coming years, this purpose-driven future powerhouse intends to reach out to more people and uplift their souls in any way she can. Proving to be unstoppable at her game, she promises to remain steadfast in her mission. 

As Linda Washington continues to carve her path toward the summit of the R&B scene, she considers her talent as a platform for reminding her listeners and fans to move forward despite difficulties. Above anything else, the must-watch artist wants to establish her music as a channel for sending across messages of hope and love. 

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