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Liudmyla Tkachenko Impresses During Premiere of Universal Pictures’ Ticket to Paradise and Talks Goal to Empower Other Women

Although industries across the globe have made great strides toward transforming today’s spaces into more inclusive and diverse ones, there remains a considerably humongous room for growth. Despite having broken ceilings and barreling through countless barriers, women, in particular, continue to be at a disadvantage and robbed of the same opportunities provided to men. Liudmyla Tkachenko, a model and the creator behind the yoga clothing brand Flexup, hopes to set an example for other entrepreneurs and women to follow. Through her strategic moves in several fields, the fashion icon aims to demonstrate that women can conquer any sector as competently as their male colleagues. 

Originally hailing from Ukraine, Liudmyla Tkachenko started carving a path toward the modeling industry at a young age. She was sixteen when she first dipped her toes in the competitive modeling scene, bringing with her a deep-seated interest in the craft and fueled by the goal to make a name for herself. 

Over the years, Liudmyla Tkachenko has managed to build an impressive portfolio, one that includes appearances at Ukraine’s Fashion Week. Eventually, the go-getter would begin expanding her reach, working outside of her native country at the age of twenty and spending the next three years gracing runways and landing magazine pages in China, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Turkey. 

The rising star, whose credits during her successful run in Asia include appearing at Hong Kong Fashion Week, Shanghai Fashion Week, and Shenzhen Fashion Week, as well as getting featured in bikini and clothing catalogs and magazines, decided to further cement her status by moving to the United States. Currently, Liudmyla Tkachenko is signed with EMG Models NYC and has emerged as one of the must-watch personalities in the fashion world. 

On top of hogging the spotlight in each of her runway shows and photoshoots, Liudmyla Tkachenko also dedicates her time to empowering women through her yoga clothing brand, Flexup. “There is an opinion that a woman and a man have a different attitude to financial flows in life: men earn money, and a woman attracts earnings. I do not agree with this way of putting the question,” she shared. “I believe that a man and a woman should have the opportunity to develop to the same extent, revealing their talents and abilities. It was with these thoughts that I created my brand to be an example for other women who are just starting their own business.”

Despite having reached numerous career milestones and snagged achievement after achievement under her belt, Liudmyla Tkachenko does not plan to slow down anytime soon. Aiming for greater heights, the entrepreneur and model is more than ready to prove that she has what it takes to occupy a coveted position in the limelight. In the years to come, she is set to make bigger waves and be an inspiration to other women, all at the same time. 

Recently, Liudmyla Tkachenko impressed the crowd at the premiere of Universal Pictures’ Ticket to Paradise. Wearing a Kiki Wang dress, the Ukrainian-American model shone amid the incredible lineup of the 2022 film starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney.

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