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Living A Legacy

Living a Legacy
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Dusti Stark’s childhood experience of a broken family gave her a heart for fostering children. Growing up, her younger sister (3 yrs old at the time) was placed into foster care and eventually adopted by a non-relative foster family. Her maternal grandparents raised Dusti and her brother on and off throughout their childhood due to her parents’ addiction issues.

Dusti has been married to Duane Stark for about 19 years, and is a mother of 8 currently (birth, guardianship and adoption through foster care). The children in her home range from 2 years to 17 years old.

Dusti was crowned as the 2023 Texas USA Ambassador Lonestar Queen. She is currently a spokesmodel for K.I.D.S. Uganda. She authored the book Legacy of Love: Fostering Children. She is a Foster and Adoption Consultant through her practice Extending Grace Counseling and Consulting and a Transformational Coach in her program, Ladies without Limits.

You can connect with her and support her work via her website or on Facebook dusti.stark1

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