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Loans-io: Disrupting the Mortgage Industry with Video Ads and Expertise

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When it comes to the mortgage industry, lead generation can be a major pain point for loan officers (LOs). Many rely on referrals from realtors, attend countless networking events, or wait around for leads from their brokerage. But for those who want to take their business to the next level, there is an alternative: Loans-io.

Founded in 2022 by Tyler Warden and Casey Gibson, Loans-io is a digital marketing agency that specializes in generating exclusive mortgage leads for LOs. With Tyler’s expertise in profitable agency growth and Casey’s experience as a former Real Estate Agent, the two founders were well-poised to disrupt the industry.

The key to Loans-io’s success lies in its unique lead generation strategy. Rather than relying on static image ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the agency focuses exclusively on video ads on TikTok and YouTube. And instead of asking LOs to script, film, and distribute their own content, Loans-io completely takes that off their client’s plates, having the LO focus on what they do best.

Here’s how it works: when onboarding a client, Loans-io creates a TikTok and YouTube ads manager for them and starts putting together their content. They will then run traffic to these ads to start generating leads. Leads will opt-in to these ads by filling out a simple application providing contact information and a reason for the loan. This information gets sent to the Loans-io CRM where they have a team of dialers who will call and qualify these leads and book them directly as appointments for their clients. By Loans-io qualifying them over the phone the LO will now have everything they need to help that individual such as the loan amount when they need the loan, credit score, down payment size, and more. This way the loan officer knows they are speaking with quality appointments every time. 

The results speak for themselves. In their first year of business, Loans-io worked with nearly 150 loan officers, spending over $300,000 in ad spend, and generating over 60,000 exclusive mortgage leads for their clients. These leads have translated into real business for LOs like Leron in California, who received 11 pre-qualifications in just two weeks, or David in Utah, who doubled his production and closed three loans in his first month of leads with Loans-io. However, Loans-io’s success isn’t just about its innovative strategy. It’s also about the expertise that Tyler and Casey bring to the table. Tyler’s background running a successful marketing agency in the fitness industry and having personally consulted over 100 agency owners gives him a deep understanding of running an agency with dozens and then hundreds of clients, while Casey’s experience in the real estate space gives him unique insight into the challenges that LOs face every day.

During his time as an agent, Casey noticed that many of his colleagues were stuck in their old ways of generating leads and were hesitant to try new strategies. They relied on referrals and networking events, which could be slow and unpredictable. They usually weren’t generating their own leads at all actually, typically relying on realtors to use them as a preferred lender for the leads the realtor has generated. Casey knew that there was a better way, and that’s why he partnered with Tyler to create Loans-io.

This year, Loans-io has set even more ambitious goals. They aim to serve an additional 250 loan officers and help their clients close on a minimum of 1,250 loans. With video use growing more and more in marketing techniques Loans-io already has proven strategies that are crushing for their clients giving them an advantage over agencies looking to get started. This could be a solution for any loan officer looking to plug in proven video ad strategies to grow their business in 2023. 

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