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Local UK Butcher Beat Records by Launching Online Distribution Retail System During Pandemic

The world has dramatically changed because of the pandemic. While many are striving to bring back the status quo before the global lockdowns took place, a family-owned business chose to move forward with innovative solutions. Stilton Butchers has been supplying high-quality meats in the United Kingdom since 1978. Despite the current challenges, the company is succeeding in providing the best meats straight to their customers’ doorsteps.

Stilton Butchers was founded by Peter Morgan in a quaint village near Peterborough, UK, called Stilton. Following his tremendous success in the small community, competition soon took place in the area. The change prompted Peter to realize that there are other avenues for him to grow his business. So the founder closed his shop and concentrated his operations on supplying meat for the catering market.

Peter Morgan pivoted his business from being a small butcher to a large-scale company operating in a custom-built unit equipped with the latest technology in meat cutting and storage. With the best equipment, Stilton Butchers seals its products from being exposed to light or air, both factors that can trigger a change in the quality of the meats.

Today, Stilton Butchers operates from its third unit, a 16,000 square foot custom-built plant led by Peter Morgan’s son, James Morgan. With his father’s passing last year, James is even more determined to keep the business afloat, regardless of how difficult their situation has become because of COVID-19.

James Morgan turned toward strengthening an online distribution system and transformed from a company that serves dining establishments to providing quality meats to households across the UK. Stilton Butchers was a favorite for Michelin star restaurants, local cafes, bars, pubs, and caterers. With James’ inventive leadership, customers can now grace their dining tables at home with award-winning meat delivered through the company’s fast and reliable service.

Stilton Butchers placed its focus on retail-based customers by redeveloping its website. At the onset of the pandemic, James Morgan was worried about losing over 60 trusted employees. But with the success of their digital platform, the company ended up hiring more staff to ensure customer satisfaction nationwide. 

“Almost instantly, we saw sales skyrocket and, in six months, watched our retail turnover more than double the previous catering income. We’ve taken the website from obtaining an average of 500 orders a month to an average of over 5,000 monthly orders,” said the owner.

Stilton Butchers has rapidly increased its sale by reshaping its system, bringing over twice as much in sales even amid the height of a health crisis. James Morgan and his team were able to turn their £7 million turnover from their business-to-business system into a £15 million turnover by becoming a retail establishment. “Just because things aren’t ‘normal’ at the moment, you can still achieve great things by adapting to the times and being open to change,” said James.

Even after serving customers across the UK, Stilton Butchers maintained what they were best known for as a local butcher—unparalleled customer service. Ensuring the satisfaction of their clients nationwide, Stilton Butchers sets the bar higher with its creative approach in handling what has been one of the biggest economic crises in the world. 

To learn more about Stilton Butchers, visit its website.

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