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Lucas Gorelick: Never Too Young to Make a Change

For those in the world of youth empowerment and politics, it’s hard not to know the name Lucas Gorelick. He currently works as the campaign finance intern for Senator Cortez Masto from Nevada, doing intensive research on potential funds for the campaign. But overall, he’s about spreading a message of hope to the youth: that it’s never too early to start changing the world.

Lucas Gorelick started his involvement in politics when he was only fourteen years old. After hosting a Joe Biden event at his house in February of 2020, he was invited to join the Biden for President Team as a fellow. And as a fellow during the COVID pandemic, Lucas helped organize phone banks, host socially distanced events, cure ballots after the election, and more. In addition, he participated in over 50 phone banks for the Nevada Democratic Party. Currently, one of his primary roles is to work closely with the senator and financial director by identifying key areas and functions to receive campaign donations. At the young age of 16, he had already assessed and completed numerous projects to support the campaign for United States Senate.

During his time with the Biden campaign, he met many different politicians along his path. One of them is the former secretary of housing and urban development, Julian Castro, as he was also given the privilege to speak at their political events. 

On top of his involvement with the Biden campaign, Lucas volunteered for many other campaigns, including Raphael Warnock, Jon Ossoff, and other congressional and senatorial elections. However, one of his most outstanding achievements is successfully getting the youth involved in one of the most critical elections in United States history. 

Lucas is deeply involved in Students Demand Action, a gun sense organization fighting for more background checks and gun safety despite the high demands of political work. His successful initiatives led him to be named Nevada field office president in March of 2020 after his passion for fighting against gun violence picked up.

“Being only 16, I am doing jobs and work that many people out of college do. I have proved that age is nothing more than a number and doesn’t define your work ethic or skills,” said the brilliant young intern. 

With his current momentum in the political arena, he is very excited to work with more politicians who share his values and aspirations. He is also excited to work side by side with students. He is looking forward to sharing his story and letting them know that they are never too  young to pursue their dreams.

“As more people get to know who I am, I would like to inspire the youth in America to understand that they are never too young to make a change,” he said.

His deep motivation to work in politics is driven by the strong desire to grow a better future for himself, his country, and the future generations. “It would be irresponsible to leave our country unsolved with the current problems. Other than that, I want to take away the division our country is facing,” added Gorelick. 

A few years from now, he sees himself graduating from college, working in DC, and starting the fight to reverse the poor decisions that Congress has made. Eventually, he envisions himself fighting to change the education system, gun laws, and division in the United States.

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