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Luhanna Mostajo Reveals Her Journey From Modeling on Instagram to Becoming a Social Media Influencer

For decades, the world had grown accustomed to entertainers rising to national and international fame through music and film. But in the past decade, technological innovation has paved the way for anyone brave enough and with enough charisma to gain recognition with the click of a button. With platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube at their disposal, anyone can obtain fame today. Luhanna Mostajo is a well-known name in the modeling world whose rise in the Los Angeles scene can be attributed to her beauty and presence on Instagram. Since establishing a career as a professional model, she has elevated her platform as a social media influencer.

Born in Lima Peru, Luhanna Mostajo was only three years old when her family decided to migrate to the United States where they settled in Miami, Florida. Arriving in 2000, the would-be model would witness the evolution of technology as tools of communication transformed into multipurpose gadgets and video streaming websites provided entertaining and creative individuals a platform where they can shine. Eventually, social media would gain prominence, giving birth to the first wave of internet fame.

Enamored by the content she found online, Luhanna would eventually join the Instagram community. Confident in her beauty, she would gain traction and a following of thousands. The support she received online would pave the way for her future career. Eventually, Luhanna packed her bag and flew to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a professional model.

With her bronze skin, brown hair, and hazel eyes, it was only a matter of time before Luhanna Mostajo’s journey would begin. Practicing her craft, she would eventually gain more traction, working with established companies in the City of Angels like Fashion Nova, Missy Empire, Dolls Kill, and Parade, to name a few. Within a year, her following grew exponentially from 6,000 to more than 335k. Since then, the young model has become one of the most sought-after faces in the industry. 

She would later expand her brand by joining the influencer trade. With an amazing physique and body shape, Luhanna quickly found her footing as a lifestyle social media on Instagram, where she has been sharing her personal photos and videos to grow her brand. Regarding her decision to pursue a career as a model, Luhanna explained by saying this:

“I’ve always wanted to be on my own schedule and wanted to make money remotely. Being able to build my personal brand and image was the way I found to make that possible for myself. I have seen people with large personal brands be able to make money online, travel, and truly live a financially free lifestyle which inspired me. It’s rewarding to be able to inspire so many others to do the same.”

Although she has been thriving in front of the camera, Luhanna Mostajo believes that she can further elevate her platform by expanding her horizons. She took an interest in the entrepreneurial life with goals of making it in the real estate industry. “I see myself building more streams of revenue,” Luhanna explained. She believes that getting into the real estate industries and rental properties will help her gain the financial freedom she has worked her whole career for.Learn more about Luhanna Mostajo by following her on Instagram.

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