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Luxury Lifestyle Mogul Majida Housni Supports Founder Nezha Alaoui in Empowering Women and the Vision of Women’s Choice

To succeed as an entrepreneur requires no small amount of perseverance and self-belief, particularly when navigating the rigors and demand that comes with the lifestyle. Majida Housni of Maison Maj is one of such individuals who, with innovation and keen business acumen, is rising to the top of her industry.

Majida Housni is serial entrepreneur, women’s advocate, social media personality, a fashion designer, and the founder and CEO of Maison Maj, a luxury concierge company operating out of Beverly Hills, California – specializing in rendering opulent, world-class services to its clients worldwide, from luxury car rentals to private jet charters, yachts for cruises or one-time events, event planning, and even catering to staffing, security and drivers. The multicultural communicator has spent nearly 15 years in the industry, developing an extensive experience for business development in diversified industries and markets.

Born and raised in Morocco, Majida is the eldest daughter in her family. She began exhibiting leadership skills and a dedication to hard work from an early age – values that she would exemplify throughout her journey. Majida has lived in the United States from the age of 18 and considers Beverly Hills a home.

Year after year, Majida positioned herself on the cutting edge of business information. She spent significant time working with celebrities around the world and traversing the business arena with businesspeople and high-quality professionals from multiple industries. Ultimately, she leveraged her knowledge and established her own company to create the perfect luxury lifestyle experience. “With years of traveling around the globe and working with A-list businessmen and celebrities, I was able to create my own brand – Maison Maj,” she stated.

Despite her youth and the daunting prospects at the onset, the now 32-year-old beat the odds, transforming herself from a small-scale entrepreneur into a veritable powerhouse with vision and ingenuity. Sharing her inspiration, she said, “Entrepreneurship and business have always been in my blood.”

The audacious entrepreneur built her company from scratch, quickly setting herself apart with a passion for excellence, remarkable attention to detail, and renown for fostering important relationships. “I have been connected with elite individuals most of my life,” Majida explained. “Being able to grow my clientele by myself and stay connected with important people from Dubai, Morocco, and the United States has been essential.”

In the years since, Majida Housni and her brand have grown in leaps and bounds, recently securing a partnership with ROME Night Club – one of the most notable entertainment locations in Los Angeles – as she looks to redefine the luxury nightlife experience in the city. Her company remains one of the most trustworthy choices for luxury concierge services that are both discrete and available around the clock. “My company goes above and beyond to make clients’ desires reality, no less than that,” she said. “My team and I make sure to offer nothing but the best. It doesn’t matter if it is a last-minute booking or not.”

Majida will be enlarging her business portfolio to create more job opportunities and impact lives through Maison Maj and her other business avenues in the next couple of years. The ingenious visionary looks poised to become the premier company in the hospitality industry in the not-too-distant future. Majida also seeks to inspire women entrepreneurs worldwide to realize their full potential. There are no limits to what they can achieve with hard work and the right support. 

For these reasons, Majida Housni supports the vision of women’s choice  and it’s founder Nezha Alaoui in empowering women. Women choice is a US based organization that supports women’s business and career development. Maison Maj sponsored the Women Choice conference in Dubai on the rising role of Women in the Arab World in partnership with SLS Dubai, Turkish Airlines and Disruptiv PR.

To learn more about Majida Housni, visit her website.

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