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Search on Combating Domestic Violence and Helping Survivors in Their Journey Toward Healing and Recovery

Domestic violence, also known as intimate partner violence, continues to concern government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and individual advocates worldwide because of its prevalence in the population. 

Defined as a pattern of behavior where one party maintains power and control over the other, it affects countless people across the globe and causes long-term trauma. In recognition of the need for viable solutions and cognizant of the degree of support that survivors require on the road to healing and recovery, has made it its mission to serve as a key stakeholder and help in the fight against violence. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded to break the cycle of domestic violence, racism, and hunger. Since its creation, it has supported, assisted, and advocated for those affected, breaking the barriers preventing them from building a better life for themselves. Through strategically designed solutions, it strives to contribute to a world where individuals and families can live free from abuse, discrimination, and poverty. 

At the helm of is Wilmecia Robinson, a change-maker who is intimately familiar with the circumstances faced by victims all over the world. As a survivor turned warrior, she is privy to why many victims drop charges or “ghost” a court appearance, the reasons behind their choice to stay with their abusers, and how some bystanders are inclined to turn a blind eye to cases of intimate partner and youth violence. But more significantly, her experiences have allowed her to understand better what interventions are needed in the fight against violence. 

Today, this purpose-driven initiative is grounding its efforts on two primary considerations: engaging in victim advocacy and fostering basic life skills among survivors. It does not only speak for domestic violence victims and help them in their recovery but it also places emphasis on supporting and educating survivors on basic police guidelines, court procedures, and court appearances. 

Additionally, also provides awareness-raising on legal rights, healthy relationships, social awareness, and basic life survival skills. Moreover, this brainchild of Wilmecia Robinson donates food in the hopes of eradicating hunger and alleviating household stress, both of which increase the risk of domestic violence. has achieved numerous milestones during the course of its anti-violence work. Apart from establishing a solid presence in the community, it has managed to nurture relationships with supporters, program partners, and other stakeholders. Notably, it has also started implementing innovative strategies—formulated from the ideas of personalities like Demarco Nelson—in reaching millennials and encouraging them to get involved in the advocacy. owes its success to the continued support of its members, which include Stacy Ghant, Stacia Wright, Linda Jefferson, Armondria Robinson, and Waynisha Demonbreun.

More significant strides are needed in combating domestic violence, especially in the face of all the challenges that hinder victim identification, rescue, and recovery. But through it all, vows to remain steadfast in its mission to build a stronger and healthier society. On top of providing support to those affected by the global issue of domestic violence, it plans to continue helping eradicate abuse, racism, and hunger around the world.

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