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Maktar Inc, the Global Tech Company Behind Backup Solutions Provider Qubii Duo

Tech adoption has become largely prevalent in recent years. People from all walks of life, regardless of age, gender, and economic background, have learned to rely on phones, computers, tablets, and other devices to approach daily activities and facilitate a plethora of endeavors, including securing a date, landing a job, and advancing their education. It is inevitable that this growing dependence would inspire countless individuals and companies to dip their toes in the tech industry and offer products and services designed to bridge any gaps that have been hindering individuals from maximizing the potential of digital-based platforms and tools. Among the authorities that currently stand at the forefront of the space is Maktar Inc, a global venture known for designing, developing, and selling consumer electronics, software, and services.

Operating with personal responsibility, entrepreneurship, simplicity, efficiency, quality, and security as its values, Maktar Inc was established by Mactaris Chen in Taipei, Taiwan. The well-accomplished authority, who started as an engineer and progressed on to invest in and launch various tech projects, created the company to improve the efficiency and security of today’s devices and processes.

Since 2014, Maktar Inc has been making bold moves in the realm of consumer electronics. Highly fueled by the drive to create not only intuitive products that allow users to lead their lives without worrying about technological failures but also encourage sensibility and proactive behavior, it has introduced an impressive inventory of offerings whose core features have made a difference in the way people wield their gadgets. Its first product, Piconizer, showcased the venture’s potential to become a powerhouse one day. Years down the road, it has exceeded expectations, especially with the introduction of Qubii Duo

An award-winning backup solution provider, Qubii Duo is a cube that automatically backs up users’ photos, contacts, and 4K videos every time they charge their phones and tablets. This ultra-fast tool, which comes with an app that gives users one-touch access to their favorite photos in original format and size, was engineered by Maktar Inc to preserve people’s treasured moments—from photos during anniversaries and birthdays to captured images of their pets.

Apart from its utility, Qubii Duo has earned acclaim for the extent to which it guarantees compatibility, security, and efficiency. “Our product is compatible with both iOS and Android systems and is incorporated with our patented password encryption feature,” shared the strategic minds spearheading Maktar Inc. “Since we live in a digital world, we want to protect your safety and privacy both online and offline.”

Unlike most platforms, Qubii Duo does not demand 24/7 internet connectivity. A firm believer that not everything needs to be posted online and not all information should be stored on the cloud, this standout product from Maktar Inc stores the users’ data onto a microSD that can be replaced once full. 

Quickly after its release, Qubii Duo has managed to become the go-to backup solution provider of many, thanks to its simplicity, versatility, and intuitiveness. Along with the other products of Maktar Inc, it is bound to serve as a staple item in the future for those who believe in the importance of efficiency and security. 

Learn more about Maktar Inc by visiting its website and Instagram page.

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