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Manny Blue on a Mission: Bridging the Financial Literacy Gap, One Book at a Time

Manny Blue on a Mission: Bridging the Financial Literacy Gap, One Book at a Time
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In a world where financial education often falls through the cracks, Manny Blue is stepping up to make a difference. His mission? To change the narrative and place his children’s book, “Kids and Finances 101” and “Teen and Finances 101” in the homes of 20,000 families by the end of 2024. Manny Blue, a passionate advocate for empowering families. This isn’t just any children’s book—it’s a powerful tool designed to help parents plant the seeds of basic financial knowledge early on. It’s a bridge—a bridge that connects parents and children to essential financial concepts often left out of school curriculums. As Manny Blue himself puts it, “The world runs on money, and understanding how it works is crucial for every child’s future.”

Bridging the Educational Gap

“Kids and Finances 101” and its teenage counterpart being release in April 2024, “Teen and Finances 101,” tackle essential money matters head-on. Manny Blue knows that understanding finances is critical for navigating adulthood successfully. From understanding the value of a dollar to demystifying credit scores, these books empower both parents and children.

Manny Blue on a Mission: Bridging the Financial Literacy Gap, One Book at a Time

Photo Courtesy: Manny Blue Enterprises

What Will Kids Learn?

The book starts with the basics: What exactly is money? Through engaging illustrations and simple explanations, young readers discover the purpose of currency, its history, and why it matters.

The Power of Saving

Manny Blue introduces the concept of saving—a fundamental skill that sets the stage for financial stability. Kids learn about piggy banks, allowances, and the joy of watching their savings grow.

Credit Unveiled

Credit cards, loans, and credit scores—these are often mysteries to adults, let alone children. Manny Blue breaks it down, emphasizing responsible credit use and the importance of building a positive credit history and the impact it has on future financial opportunities.

Manny Blue on a Mission: Bridging the Financial Literacy Gap, One Book at a Time

Photo Courtesy: Nic Luna

Setting Financial Goals

From saving for a new toy to planning for college, goal-setting is a life skill. Both books encourage readers to dream big and provide practical steps to achieve their financial aspirations.

These are just some of the topics that you’ll find in the book. Manny Blue isn’t just distributing books; he’s planting seeds of financial wisdom. As families read together, conversations spark, and financial literacy becomes a shared journey.

How can you join Manny Blue’s mission? Spread the word! Recommend “Kids and Finances 101” and “Teen and Finances 101” to friends, educators, and anyone who cares about empowering the next generation. Let’s equip our children with the tools they need to thrive in a money-driven world.

Remember, every family that reads these books is taking a step toward financial independence. Manny Blue’s mission isn’t just about literacy—it’s about building a brighter financial future for all.

As Manny Blue crisscrosses the country, he knows that each book placed in a child’s or teen’s hands is a small victory. But collectively, those victories add up to a more financially savvy generation—one that will confidently navigate credit scores, taxes, and financial decisions.

So, here’s to Manny Blue, his mission, and the thousands of families who will benefit from these little books with big impact. At the moment the book can be purchased on Amazon and

Published by: Martin De Juan

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