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ManyBuild Connects Builders, Developers and Key Players in the Construction Industry in a Unique and Innovative Manner

It’s undeniable that collaboration is an integral part when it comes to building and developing structures. Creating a team of seasoned experts and professionals is at the heart of the construction process. It is extremely important to find the right contractors, suppliers, and other construction partners that would fit a project’s needs and demands. Fortunately, ManyBuild is an app akin to modern dating apps that connect builders and developers in a unique and innovative way.

ManyBuild aims to be the “Tinder” for construction and development. The app is rapidly becoming a diverse B2B construction marketplace that helps builders, RE professionals, and subcontractors bridge the gap between people that have construction work and people looking for work in order to solve the current labor shortage and reduce financial inefficiencies.  It covers two languages, namely English and Spanish, in hopes of becoming accessible to a wide array of individuals. With localization options adding other languages in the near future.

The business has provided exceptional value to developers and subcontractors by allowing them to collaborate with different professionals within the industry. ManyBuild has also greatly increased the earning opportunities for many individuals within the construction industry, providing skilled labor to developers who are in need of manpower.

Founder and CEO of ManyBuild, Alejandro Lovera, conceptualized the idea for the app. He is a third-generation builder and real estate developer who understands all the pain points of someone in the supply chain. Alejandro grew up in a family of contractors and architects in Aruba, so he has always been in tune with the industry. The seasoned entrepreneur and builder noticed a gap that needed to be bridged when it came to contractors and developers.

The construction process itself is already tedious and time-consuming, so Alejandro wanted to lighten the load and help companies from both sides of the conversation interact and exchange information easily. So he collaborated with co-founders Stefan Norton who is currently the COO of ManyBuild and Peter Taggart, the Director of Engineering.

Together the partners developed a platform for construction contract exchange without the hassle. Many of their first clients were builders from the Latino community in Denver, Colorado, and the app was received with great praise. After launching, the team at ManyBuild would invest a considerable amount of time in understanding the community’s concerns and pivoting when necessary.

With a seamless user experience, ManyBuild has been recognized as one of the world’s best-matching sites for developers and contractors. It offers a straightforward experience where users can look for people on the other side of the transaction and immediately connect with them through the app.

They can then start a conversation, schedule a site visit, submit an estimate, close the deal, and process payments securely. The service provides one virtual space for all that to occur with a few clicks of a button at every turn.

Overall, ManyBuild has proved to be an immensely valuable addition to the construction and development industry. Alejandro guarantees that the app will continue to evolve and add more features that would be even more helpful in the building negotiation and business management side of things. 

Alejandro, Stefan, and Peter are building a better landscape within the construction industry, and they have no plans of slowing down any time soon.

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