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Marc Wright: A Seasoned Corporate Strategist and Consultant

Marc Wright: A Seasoned Corporate Strategist and Consultant
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In the ever-evolving corporate strategy and financial management world, Marc Wright emerges as a seasoned figure with a career spanning several decades. From Senior Corporate Strategist to the CEO of Underdog Enterprises, his journey showcases expertise in Corporate Financial, Administrative, and Operational Management.

Marc Wright’s success in corporate strategy is grounded in his ability to assess challenges, develop effective strategies, and implement them with precision. His unique skill set includes analyzing complex issues, fostering consensus among organizations with differing agendas, and driving process improvements and efficiency.

As the CEO of Underdog Enterprises, Marc Wright has proven his consulting prowess through a successful collaboration with a top 5 U.S.-based bank. In this endeavor, he played a key role in implementing a Target Operating Model (TOM) for Customer Remediation, Workforce Planning, and Business Management Office, showcasing his ability to drive transformation in large financial institutions.

With over 25 years of experience in the Healthcare, Financial Services, Wine/Beverage, Hospitality, and Publishing industries, Marc Wright and Underdog Enterprises have decided to return to their roots in consulting. The firm’s unique process empowers companies with the tools required for success. Underdog Enterprises, despite being a small firm, prides itself on being a full-service consulting firm. Operating on a unique model, the firm delivers high-quality services without breaking the budget. Marc emphasizes that their goal is to understand the WHY, WHAT, WHERE, and WHO of each client’s needs, and beyond the traditional 4 W’s, they also provide the HOW. 

Underdog Enterprises ensures that clients are not left wondering how to implement solutions, as they offer comprehensive support from start to finish. Marc highlights the importance of finishing what they start, bringing executive-level management to every project. 

Underdog Enterprises approaches each engagement differently, recognizing that no “one size fits all” solution exists. The firm has provided gap analysis and opportunity identification, comprehensive reporting, and strategic implementations. They also offer guidance in selecting and implementing vendor products and, in rare cases, assistance in finding suitable personnel.

Another aspect of Marc’s expertise lies in developing and implementing short and long-term budgets and financial plans, contributing significantly to the success of various organizations. 

But Marc Wright’s dedication extends beyond the corporate world, and he has consistently demonstrated his commitment to positively impacting society. As an organizational leader at a non-profit business focused on mentoring and empowering women, Marc was actively involved in creating a business strategy and managing finance and operations. Through his leadership in this organization, he actively contributed to a more equitable and inclusive future for women in the workplace. 

In addition to his illustrious career and philanthropic endeavors, Marc Wright is currently working on a project to raise funds to support the community with a project that speaks for the people. His dedication to community well-being is reflected in this initiative, which aims to impact the lives of individuals in need positively. You can learn more about this project and contribute to this worthy cause by visiting the fundraising page here.


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