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Marina Chisty: The Innovative Artist Who Redefined Pointillism

Marina Chisty
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Marina Chisty, an innovative artist from New York, has developed a fresh painting style known as “Large Pointillism.”  Her unique technique, which she calls “Large Pointillism,” involves using larger strokes to create depth and texture in her paintings, making her paintings stand out in a crowd.

“Pointillism, a painting technique developed by the Impressionists, involves creating images by using small dots or strokes. In contrast, I use larger strokes, placing them on top of and next to each other to create depth and texture in my paintings,” explains Marina Chisty.

In addition to the unique technique, Chisty’s paintings can be easily distinguished by her original use of dark chocolate, indigo, and Venetian gold shades. The artist uses acrylic to create the central image, while the background is done with oil paint. These colors, carefully chosen for their depth and warmth, breathe life into her work, allowing her creations to resonate deeply with viewers. The dark chocolate hue, rich and velvety, provides a contrast against the vibrant indigo, while the Venetian gold adds a sophisticated touch of opulence and light. This selection of colors not only adds an intriguing visual element but also evokes profound emotions, guiding the viewer into the world she has created.

Chisty’s portraits of women,  known as the “Female Faces Collection”, are not just beautiful representations of women, but also powerful statements about female empowerment and unity, emphasizing the universality of the female experience and the need for women to support each other.  Chisty’s use of vibrant colors and intricate details in her paintings also reflects the complexity and depth of women’s lives and the many roles they play in society. Through her art, Chisty inspires women to embrace their unique qualities while recognizing and celebrating their shared humanity.

Marina has been featured in numerous group exhibitions across the United States and Europe. Her shows have taken place in renowned galleries located in London, Madrid, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. Her art has found its way into public and private spaces, reflecting the broad scope and influence of her work.

Marina’s personal motto is “I paint humanity.” When asked about the meaning of the slogan, the artist stresses that our differences in skin color, status, material wealth, and religion are merely social constructs. What truly unites us is our shared human experience – we all have the same feelings, needs, and skills. Chisty’s art transcends boundaries, and the deeply human themes she explores through her work have touched people of all ages and backgrounds.

She continues to push the boundaries of her craft, ever-evolving yet remaining true to her style and her belief in the intrinsic humanity of all people. Marina Chisty is currently working on a new collection that blends her passion for figurative work with a more abstract approach. According to Marina, exploring abstract art is a way to challenge herself and experiment with new styles. Chisty believes that art has the power to broaden our perspectives and help us see the world in new and exciting ways.

Marina has ambitious plans to help aspiring artists succeed in the rapidly changing art world. She plans to collaborate with jewelry houses, fashion designers, and perfumers, developing a unique program to share her experience and teach young artists how to build a successful art business using social media skills, business acumen, and marketing. “I plan to open a school where young artists can learn about these skills,” Chisty explains, “especially now when the art world is changing rapidly and young artists need to learn to adjust quickly.”

Her paintings, with their unique blend of technique and emotion, are a testament to the power of art to transcend boundaries and bring people together. Chisty is an artist whose work will continue to inspire and captivate audiences for years to come.

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