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Marina Uritskaya: Embracing Transformation Through Energy and Truth

Marina Uritskaya: Embracing Transformation Through Energy and Truth
Photo Credit: Marina Uritskaya

Interviewer: Marina, your journey into energy practices is genuinely remarkable. Can you share the pivotal moment that led you to embrace your role as a hereditary healer and energy practitioner?

Marina Uritskaya: Thank you for having me. My transformative journey began with a significant life test – my daughter’s incurable disease. Through healing her with my energy, faith, and loving heart, I discovered my true path. It’s incredible how difficulties can unveil one’s destiny.

Interviewer: Energy practices vary among specialists. What, in your opinion, is the crucial element in practical energy work?

Marina Uritskaya: The purity of the energy and vibrations of the practitioner is paramount. The more evident and higher the vibration, the better one can assist others. Practitioners must develop themselves, as their unresolved issues can unintentionally harm those they aim to help.

Interviewer: People approach you with diverse needs. How do you interact with clients, and what is your approach to assisting them?

Marina Uritskaya: I work with clients individually, addressing a range of needs from money and self-love to relationships and health. A diagnostic session helps clients identify their starting points and goals. I emphasize a work partnership where the client and I share responsibility for the transformation process.

Marina Uritskaya: Embracing Transformation Through Energy and Truth

Photo Credit: Marina Uritskaya

Interviewer: Can you explain how your method differs from traditional psychology and what results clients can expect?

Marina Uritskaya: My method delves much more profound than traditional psychology. It’s designed for instant change, working to free individuals from deep-seated traumas, blocks, and programs. After a session or completing my course, clients often experience instant results, expanded consciousness, and the ability to neutralize negative emotions through awareness.

Interviewer: Your practices seem to have side effects, such as facial rejuvenation. Can you elaborate on these effects and the transformations clients undergo?

Marina Uritskaya: Indeed, at the end of a session, clients often experience facial relaxation and rejuvenation. The positive effects extend beyond the physical to complete transformations in life. The same applies to participants completing my online course, “Transformation of Reality,” where results are often incredible.

Interviewer: How can individuals use energy practices to remove blocks and enhance their energy?

Marina Uritskaya: Regular use of energy practices is vital, especially for those not yet in a balanced state. These tools help raise vibrations and align energy and physical states. Integrating mindfulness into everyday life becomes a powerful means of self-care and personal enhancement.

Interviewer: Your method involves interaction and partnership. How does your approach differ from traditional psychotherapy, and what sets it apart in the modern era?

Marina Uritskaya: Embracing Transformation Through Energy and Truth

Photo Credit: Marina Uritskaya

Marina Uritskaya: My approach is designed for the new era with new methods of instant change. While traditional psychotherapy involves listening and leading clients to independent conclusions, my method works at a deeper level, facilitating immediate transformation. In the fast-paced world we live in, my techniques are aligned with the needs of this new era.

Interviewer: In your approach, you emphasize honesty, love, and gratitude. How do these principles contribute to personal transformation?

Marina Uritskaya: Honesty with oneself and others, along with the ability to love and be grateful, forms the foundation of personal transformation. By embracing these states, individuals experience profound changes in their lives. The world responds to us in kind when we free ourselves from judgment, criticism, and arrogance.

Interviewer: Thank you, Marina, for sharing your insights into the transformative world of energy practices and personal evolution.

Marina Uritskaya: My pleasure. I hope these principles inspire individuals to embark on their paths of positive change and self-discovery.

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