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Marques Brownlee: From Humble Beginnings to Dominating YouTube’s Tech Community

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Around twelve years ago, a fourteen-year-old high school in one of the suburbs in New Jersey used his allowance to get himself a new laptop for school. Upon realizing that his recently bought device did not meet his expectations, he decided to film himself as he made a review of the unit and uploaded the video on YouTube. Little did he know that this would mark the beginning of a life-changing career. Now at twenty-seven years old, Marques Brownlee has revolutionized the world of technology and social media in ways no one could have ever imagined. 

Even before winning creator of the decade at the 10th annual Shorty Awards in 2018, Marques Brownlee has already established a reputable standing in the YouTube community and in the tech industry. However, his video creations have not only shaped his personal and professional image but have also aided in legitimizing the entire tech community on YouTube and redefined what having a career on the platform can look like. 

Today, Marques Brownlee shares his groundbreaking tech-related reviews to more than fourteen million subscribers on his ever-expanding YouTube channel. As someone who is rooted in humble origins and stark beginnings, this luminary is the quintessential YouTube success story with one of the biggest consumer tech audiences on the platform. With thousands of videos up on his channel, this YouTube sensation is only getting started. 

Although he was not the first to give reviews on the latest gadgets and devices on YouTube, Marques Brownlee still managed to take center stage by examining each product for the everyday consumer. For instance, he would make an in-depth comparison between the latest Samsung phones and explain why the less expensive model is a better option. Indeed, this rising star has a way of simplifying seemingly complex tech matters and breaks them down for an easier understanding. 

One of the hallmarks proving that Marques Brownlee is in a league of his own is his ability to draw in and captivate viewers who are not even into technology. As a matter of fact, a lot of this YouTube star’s fans claim that he is the reason why they dipped their toes into the world of technology in the first place. 

Another distinctive feature keeping Marques Brownlee at the forefront of the YouTube industry is charisma. Aside from being refreshingly authentic and genuine, he is also acutely articulate and incredibly deliberate in his reviews. Truly, there is no one else like him on the platform. 

Among the pioneering people who produced YouTube tech reviews at a high level and made it their full-time jobs were Jon Rettinger and Mark Watson. However, Marques Brownlee rocketed past both of them. Even though becoming a full-time YouTuber after graduating from college was never a part of his plan, he could not be any more grateful for where he is today. While it is true that his job presents a lot of challenges, he also finds it fulfilling and meaningful. Looking back, he would not change anything for the world. 

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