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Matthew Garry Conquering Social Media as an Influencer and Content Creator

Exploring new frontiers is not age-dependent, and Matthew Garry is proof that there’s no bad time for whatever a person believes they can achieve. Choosing to become a content creator was a decision he made to express himself and tap into the growing trend of today’s social media world.

He set out to connect with people who enjoy humor and entertainment. And with his growing brand on social media, he has become one of the top content creators entertaining a wide range of people with his funny videos. Mathew did not mind his age as he began to put out content to gain some traction on social media. His goal is to organically build his name into a famous one and become one of the top brands on social media. 

Before social media, Matthew Garry owned a hockey rink that was shut down because the owners of the building managed it poorly and ended up closing it down. When he expressed the idea to start social media content creation, a bunch of young children told him there was no way he’d ever get a million followers. Now, he’s only a few thousands of followers shy from hitting that figure, and he’s more than committed to delivering premium content as a content creator. His TikTok has also grown into over 1.8 million followers and 21 million likes.

The level of work he puts into his craft reflects his commitment to entertainment and how much he wants people to feel good despite everything going on in the world. He has also worked with multiple brands like Flex Seal and Bluechew while positioning himself to work with many more notable companies. 

His goal for the next few years is to keep making waves on social media while entertaining millions of people. He also hopes to give many people hope that they can do anything they want to do if they are determined. “I started creating social media content as an old guy. I didn’t fit the profile of the young, active influencers on social media today but I didn’t care about all of that. I started doing my thing and the audience began to build. Now I enjoy it and I hope many other people also take the opportunity to do the things they really want to do,” Matthew said.

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