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Meet Crystal White’s – Treading Your Path | Prayer Journal – Grow in Your Walk with God

As an advocate for raising awareness against domestic violence, Crystal White has been a beacon of light and hope for many throughout her 20 years of service. She is the reigning Ms. Texas Cosmos United States and competed in the National Ms. Cosmos United States in Orlando, Florida, in July of 2022. 

In addition to her advocacy work, Crystal is also a Harvard Business School graduate with an MBA and BBA from Texas A&M University and a Ph.D. that she will earn in Spring 2024. With over 20 years of experience in the Aerospace & National Defense Industry, Crystal is truly an inspirational leader. 

Crystal’s accomplishments are multifaceted. She has achieved both academically and philanthropically, as well as made an impact in the fashion industry – appearing on covers of international magazines such as International Face and Crowns Magazine, modeling for New York Fashion Week along with having credits on TV shows Oliver Stones’ ‘Any Given Sunday,’ CBS Walker Texas Ranger, Universal Soldiers II among others.

Crystal White is an inspiring example of hope and strength, having triumphed over her story of domestic violence. Not only has she faced these challenges head-on, but she now mentors others to do the same – with appearances as guest speakers at schools, graduations, and Women’s Empowerment events under her belt. Her message will be spread further during 2022 when she takes on the role of Ms. Texas Cosmos United States for a yearlong engagement, amplifying awareness in support of victims’ causes through fundraisers nationwide.

Crystal White, the founder of Treading Your Path, understands the struggles and loneliness of journeying alone. To help people reflect on God’s Word while tracking their progress, she created a powerful prayer journal – drawing from her own experiences to inspire others.

Crystal White, the founder of Treading Your Path, understands the struggles of taking a journey alone. That’s why she created a powerful prayer journal to allow people to reflect on God’s Word and motivate them to stay focused on their path. No matter how daunting it may seem, you never truly walk this life alone.

Crystal White is a beacon of resilience and hope in the fight against domestic violence. Her experience offers an intimate understanding of women’s pain, historically and presently. Crystal shines a light on what has been endured and what still needs to be done for millions more survivors worldwide to feel safe from harm and exploitation. Through her inspiring story, she stands as testimony that each survivor holds tremendous power despite being part of harrowing statistics.

Motivated to be inspirational, Crystal White has embarked on an ambitious journey toward self-empowerment. With it comes the aspiration of becoming a pillar of hope for those without access to privilege or quality living conditions. Her ambition lies in spreading courage and determination so that all may overcome their challenging circumstances.

Crystal White’s inspiring new book, Treading Your Path, was released on September 6th and has since become a beacon of hope for many. With its guidance to prayerfully overcome obstacles and reach an empowered future, this invaluable tool is the perfect companion in any journey toward self-betterment.

Crystal White shared that this journal is an excellent way to strengthen your spiritual journey and pay close attention to God’s teachings. Not only can it help you reflect on His Word, but it also tracks the growth in your faith.

Through Crystal White’s Treading Your Path, users can journey through a powerful combination of scripture, quotes, and journaling activities to reflect on the past while envisioning what lies ahead. By providing an outlet for putting into words long-held prayers, this guide helps individuals explore their innermost feelings in unprecedented ways.

The Prayer Journal from Crystal White is designed to help you record your prayers, both short-term and long-term. This journal makes it easy to reflect on God’s Word, focus on what God is teaching you, and track the progress you are making in your spiritual.

Crystal White’s story of courage and strength has inspired many. Charged to make a difference in people’s lives, she put her message into action by sharing it by writing a book about overcoming obstacles. In the future, Crystal will continue advocating for those dealing with life challenges – providing hope and guidance as they bravely head towards their journeys of transformation.

Crystal white would like to deliver what readers didn’t know they wanted. she would like to create writing that someone can pick up and read and gain something from it that they were not even aware they were looking for. 

Crystal White loves to create stories that surprise and delight readers. She believes the tactile experience of holding a physical book cannot be matched by an e-book, making her love for books all the more powerful. Through creating these real works of art, she hopes to give others something they may not have known they were looking for before picking up one of her books.

If you’d like to learn more about her book “Treading Your Path Prayer Journal, “you can Shop her book now at today!

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