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Meet Dan Folger: The Visionary Founder of Celebrity-Approved Lifestyle and Jewelry Brand The GLD Shop

For DanFolger, what began as a dream from a box in his parents’ basement now boasts a full-blown 20,000 square feet headquarters in Miami. After years of working hard, the former cameraman of Wiz Khalifa was able to bring his vision to life through his successful lifestyle brand and jewelry company, The GLD Shop. Today, the jewelry powerhouse has amassed over 1.1 million followers on Instagram as it continues to work alongside world-renowned music artists, Hollywood celebrities, and other famous personalities. 

Dan Folger is a professional photographer-turned-entrepreneur, best known for working side by side with chart-topping rapper Wiz Khalifa as the latter’s trusted cameraman. He is the visionary founder of The GLD Shop, a company specializing in celebrity-approved and specially-customized jewelry pieces and streetwear apparel, which has made rounds throughout the United States and internationally.  

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, he worked multiple jobs before exploring his passion for photography. Throughout his life, he immersed himself in various communities within the city, which molded him into the well-rounded person he is today. At 22 years old, Dan Folger began traveling the world as a photographer, documenting everyday life. He quickly became known as the genius handling the camera of Wiz Khalifa’s team. Since then, he and Wiz Khalifa have established a strong friendship built on trust and support. On top of this, he has also worked alongside recording stars such as Rocky Fresh of MMG, G-Eazy, and many more. 

After establishing a solid network of connections in the world of celebrities and famous personalities, Dan Folger became motivated to build a legacy for himself. Eventually, he decided to pull out some money to resell jewelry with his friend, Justin. This marked the beginning of the lifestyle brand The GLD Shop. Shortly after launching the shop on Instagram, they incorporated an apparel line to their lifestyle brand, flaunting streetwear fashion. Over time, the company exploded exponentially, landing an impressive headquarters in Miami while gaining the trust and approval of celebrities and associations such as NBA, NFL, MLB, Justin Bieber, Machine Gun Kelly, Trae Young, Smokepurpp, and of course, Wiz Khalifa, among many others. 

Today, The GLD Shop is home to some of the best iced-out pendants out there. Their solid gold chains and diamond-filled watches have also caught the attention of many. Bedazzled earrings, eye-catching diamond rings, and many more pieces flooded with carefully-placed stones are meticulously crafted by the brand as well. 

Indeed, the milestones of the GLD brand today show the power of hard work, passion, and determination in bringing people to the point of success. Dan Folger hopes to inspire entrepreneurs to continue pursuing their goals and aspirations no matter the circumstances. “Nothing comes easy. There will be a ton of road bumps to success. A lot of times, you will want to quit, but you have to keep going. Taking risks is also very important. Every successful person has taken risks. It’s a must,” shares the successful entrepreneur. 

To know more about Dan Folger, please visit his official website. You may also check out the GLD shop here.

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