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Meet Marty from the Well: The Artistic Dreamer from Montreal, Canada

As the winter quickly fades away, springtime is upon us. This means new music will be dropping left and right. It can be hard for music fans to sort through and find new artists and projects that resonate with them in a time where so many artists are releasing music. Every once in a blue moon, a talent will arise that stands out in the chaos of modern-day streaming platforms. I found a singer that goes by the name of Marty from the Well, and I couldn’t help but share my discovery. Born and raised in the suburbs of Montreal, Canada, Marty from the Well has always had an incredible passion for music and the arts. Receiving an electric guitar for his birthday at age 14, the young artist tried to teach himself how to play. Slowly picking up skills with his instrument, he then began taking a basic introduction to music course at his high school, developing a love for music with his friends Danny and Ben at a very young age. 

Once graduating from high school in the suburbs of Montreal, Marty went on to study chemical engineering. Losing touch with his old pals from high school was tough, but something that never went away was his passion for music. After graduating from college with a full degree, he went on to travel the world for his work as a chemical engineer. Living abroad in places like Boston, Indianapolis, California, South of France (Cannes), Paris, Quebec City, and then finally back to Montreal. After having seen so many new places and being constantly on the move, his return to his home province marks a crucial stage in his story. 

After some time, Marty reconnected with his old friend Danny from his high school. Danny reached out, asking to meet up for dinner so that they could catch up and discuss all the things that had developed in each other’s lives over the course of the last couple years. This is where Marty discovered that his other friend Ben had gone on to become a successful music producer, following his dreams that the boys shared back in their high school days. The boys reconnected with Ben over Facebook and went over to his new house to visit him. Ben had converted his garage into a music studio and had been working out of it for some time, mostly producing for local artists, but not exclusively. He also found some success producing music for very popular TV shows like CSI LA, CSI New York, Jersey Shore to name a few.

After listening through some of Ben’s Catalog Marty suggested to him that they work on a song together. Ben took on his role as producer, Danny picked up his guitar, and Marty began to write lyrics for the song. Not thinking much of it, Marty was called up to record his first-ever song, and this would mark the beginning of a long-lasting career in music. After some convincing, Ben agreed to work on an entire project with Marty, under the condition that he take 6 months of singing lessons. To many artists, this would have marked the end of their musical career, but Marty is passionate and driven, so he agreed and decided to take this music thing seriously. 

The young creatives from Canada then began the creation of what would become Marty’s debut album titled Marty and the Well. The album was a great success for his first release; the high-quality production mixed in with extremely well-timed melodic tones made for an amazing listening experience. The 12-song album was released in 2016 and has amassed a great amount of support over the years. Many have been wondering when Marty would return to the spotlight, eagerly awaiting the next release from the talented singer. 

That time has finally come with the release of his new hit song entitled “2 Minutes” it has quickly amassed 20,000 streams on Spotify and has paved the way for the release of his new EP dropping this spring. The new project is titled “Change” and will mark a key point in Marty’s career. We should expect an emotional EP that demonstrates growth, having had multiple years to develop his sound and energy Marty from the Well is back and better than ever. Keep your eyes peeled for the new EP, and give him a follow on social media and Spotify to stay updated on all things Marty from the Well.

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