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Meet Zac Blanchard, Running for Baltimore City’s 11th District

Meet Zac Blanchard, Running for Baltimore City’s 11th District
Photo Courtesy: Zac Blanchard

Baltimore, with its mix of grit, resilience, and tight-knit communities, finds a unique story unfolding as Zac Blanchard steps into the local political scene. His campaign for the 11th District City Council seat isn’t just about a list of goals; it’s a reflection of a life dedicated to service and community. A father and local leader, Blanchard brings a blend of personal commitment and hands-on experience to his vision for a brighter Baltimore.

A Journey from Louisiana to Baltimore’s Heart

Zac Blanchard’s roots run deep in the community-focused place he grew up: South Louisiana. Growing up, he learned that family means more than shared bloodlines. To him, family was paramount, and the people with whom he interacted daily and who made up the neighborhoods he lived in were an extension of his immediate relatives. Wanting to serve his community and country, he accepted a nomination to the Naval Academy out of high school and was then commissioned into the Marine Corps. 

Spending eight years on active duty with the Marine Corps shaped his leadership and sense of responsibility. While serving, he mentored other service members, dedicating his time to supporting their success along with his. In his last several years of active duty, Blanchard shifted his focus to the community he now calls home: Baltimore City.

Now settled near Cross St Market with his wife, Alexa, and their son, Jude, Blanchard is a familiar face in Federal Hill, actively participating in local initiatives that aim to uplift the neighborhood.

Hands-On Efforts for a Better Community

Living in Baltimore with his wife and son, he’s been a proactive member of the community. And his impact on Baltimore stretches far beyond attending meetings or ceremonial roles.  He says, “I knew that wherever we ended up, I wanted to help make my neighborhood the type of place that had a real sense of place, a sense of community, the type of place my kids might want to raise their kids in.” 

Blanchard took the initiative to get personally involved in seeing his community and city thrive. He became the president of the Federal Hill Neighborhood Association, began coaching football to local high school students, and took a job in economic development north of Downtown. Through his commitment and efforts in the short time of his involvement, he’s started a neighborhood block captain program, started multiple annual events for the neighborhood and local school, initiated a church softball team that had over 60 players this past spring, helped double the size of the high school’s football program, and helped coordinate neighbors to pressure elected officials to shut down a neighborhood establishment that had two shootings, two stabbings, and other serious crime. 

His work focuses on making tangible improvements, from reducing violence to encouraging economic growth through bringing necessary changes and amenities to communities, showing his commitment isn’t just talk. He’s not just about solving problems but also about creating opportunities, particularly for the city’s youth. Blanchard champions better recreational, educational, and vocational training opportunities, investing in the future. He’s also been a pivotal voice for taxing vacant properties to encourage the building of new affordable housing, calming traffic in the neighborhoods, and creating more reliable options for residents using public transportation.

Blanchard lives at the heart of the community he serves. His direct involvement in mentoring and support demonstrates a personal dedication to helping his neighbors and strengthening the community fabric.

Focused on What Baltimore Needs

Blanchard’s campaign shines a light on his priorities for Baltimore: safety, vibrant neighborhoods, improved public transit, and youth empowerment. He’s well aware of the city’s challenges, from crime to the need for better local services, and proposes thoughtful, long-term solutions rather than quick fixes. He knows that good policies, like Baltimore’s Group Violence Reduction Strategy – which has driven down shootings and homicides in the city over the last several years – can meaningfully improve cities. “Baltimore has the highest armed robbery rate, the highest police spending per capita, the least socioeconomic mobility, some of the least reliable transit, and one of the highest concentrations of abandoned housing in the country,” states Blanchard. “ We need bold, creative leaders to help make Baltimore a city of safe, vibrant, good neighborhoods – anything less is accepting the status quo.”

His vision for the city is rooted in a deep understanding of what the city needs rather than letting politics and red tape get in the way of implementing positive solutions, which has long been a problem. He’s seen firsthand what impact positive policy can have on the communities and, just as importantly, the power of investing in the youth’s future. It’s in this mission that he’s committed. Continually focused on Baltimore’s needs, not the wants of those who already hold the power and money.

Building Baltimore’s Future Together

Blanchard’s bid for the City Council is about bringing his lifelong commitment to service and community to the forefront of Baltimore’s political landscape. His story is not just about a campaign but about a man who’s already making a difference, showing up in his community in tangible ways, and showing that real change comes from genuine involvement and dedication. Baltimore faces many challenges, but Blanchard, a self-proclaimed “lifer” of the city, sees a future filled with promise, driven by community action and effective leadership.

As we move towards May and the election nears, Blanchard offers Baltimore a candidate who’s not just running for office but has been actively contributing to the city’s betterment. His transition from military service to local advocacy is an extension of his belief in duty, service, and community. Baltimore isn’t just getting a politician; it’s gaining an advocate who’s committed to seeing the city not just survive but flourish.


Published By: Aize Perez

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