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Meveto is changing the Dynamics of the tech world Through Passwordless Technology

The availability of social media, banking and other crucial apps on our cell phones has brought a massive threat of cybersecurity into our lives. The terrifying thought of getting hacked and losing everything can cause mental stress. There is no denying that we all worry about cyber threats because we live in a world where digitalization has taken over. In this digital age, when many aspects of our lives have been shifted online, cybersecurity is becoming a primary priority that we must take into account, both on a personal and professional level. Whether it is business, shopping, health, education, and personal information, everything is done online. So it is imperative to be extra cautious to preserve it. Emir Ceric, the creator of Meveto Inc, a cutting-edge cybersecurity business, has a distinctive perspective on avoiding cyber attacks. 

Beyond numbers and percentages, the truth of identity theft is that it can destroy lives with a few keystrokes, and there is no way to quantify the loss experienced by a victim of this kind of abuse. In today’s world, passwords are the most significant liabilities, and in fact, everything, especially your crucial personal information, is secured by passwords. Meveto has made its mission to protect online privacy and put an end to data breaches that threaten both lives and livelihoods. With our digital environment developing rapidly, our ability to stay safe online is at stake. By the end of 2021, data breaches in the United States increased by 38%, according to a recent report by the Identity Theft Research Center. This percentage is quite alarming!

Meveto is making groundbreaking changes in the world of cybersecurity. Passwords are replaced by other, inherently safer, passwordless authentication variables. This cybersecurity company is eliminating the need for passwords by providing a passwordless login solution. With Meveto, your profile is not just secure, but you also don’t need to memorize any password. This passwordless technology company is not only accessible from anywhere but also covers everything.

In recent years, there has been an escalating need for more reliable identification and authentication solutions, especially in the business sector, be it the security dynamics of remote work or the ongoing security breaches and phishing attempts. And it won’t be wrong to say that this is the right time to evaluate the developments in passwordless authentication. Moreover, applying this technology to protect businesses from cybersecurity threats is the need of the hour. 

Meveto’s state-of-the-art algorithm has developed an unbreachable system to safeguard clients and their data. To put it simply, the same concepts governing digital certificates apply to passwordless authentication – a cryptographic key pair with a private and a public key

Since we shop, pay bills and do other transactions online, authentication is essential. Emir Ceric stresses on the importance of digital safety and shares, “I was motivated to develop Meveto so that we could provide a safer means of online authentication with little risk of compromise. On the internet, identity theft is easy to do, and thus we need more reliable and secure ways to identify who we are while protecting our information.” He explains, “Meveto was formed on the idea that there must be a better method to accomplish this, and we want to improve upon the archaic notion of passwords by developing a more secure online system. Data theft is one of the most significant hazards we currently face in the internet age, where some of our most sensitive and essential data is held online.”

Emir Ceric admits that just like anyone, he also feels frustrated and worries about putting personal information out there with every transaction done online. He is convinced that his efforts will contribute to ending the existing online threats. As far as digital safety is concerned, Emir’s commitment has led to significant progress. A satisfied client gave a positive review, saying, “Once you try Meveto, you won’t be able to live without it.”

Currently, Meveto helps protect your accounts on some of the leading companies, including Zoom, Dropbox and Salesforce, among many others. According to Emir Ceric, there is nothing more important than protecting personal online data from people who will go to any lengths to steal it. And Meveto is doing just that by introducing a password-free future that is better protected against password-related security flaws that jeopardize online security.

Undoubtedly, this passwordless technology company is changing the dynamics of the tech world. 

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