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Michael Candelario on Scaling Two Ventures and Reaching Business Goals

Running a successful company can be quite a daunting challenge, and operating two, seemingly impossible. But entrepreneur and business growth specialist Michael Candelario will be one of the first to say that it’s not just feasible. It can also be rewarding. 

A businessman born in Phoenix, Arizona, and currently thirty-eight years old, Candelario is the CEO and founder of two fast-growing businesses, MAC Property Solutions and Nother Mother. While they’re both in different industries and have scaled to unprecedented levels, Michael continues to operate both with a highly hands-on approach. 

MAC Property Solutions is Mike’s real estate company, which focuses mainly on solving problems for homeowners. The company works with people looking for property solutions that will improve their portfolio or give them the home they most desire. The company has grown a knack for rescuing distressed properties and running a “fix and flip” operation. Moreover, MAC Property also takes care of the whole real estate operation, including lead generation, acquisition, exit strategies, rentals, property management, searching, and qualifying buyers and investors. 

The real estate business works with aspiring and existing homeowners looking for better and more market-favorable solutions to their real estate needs. It looks to serve more clients in various parts of the country with efficient real estate operations and investment solutions. 

Apart from Mac Property, Michael Candelario also founded Nother Mother. This manufacturing company provides organic gummy bear products with high nutritional value, including an array of multivitamins that aren’t present in more popular mixes. In addition, the company seeks to provide children and even adults with a fun and more tasty way to improve their vitamin and mineral intake. Nother Mother currently has various products that offer benefits such as immunity boosters, sleep supporters, organic multivitamins, and many others.

Nother Mother’s mission is to make gummy products the new mode of vitamin and sleep assistance medication intake. The company is currently in the early stages but has grown immensely in record time. 

For the longest time, Michael has had a passion for entrepreneurship. In his many years in business, he has built up many skills, including system creation, corporate strategy, and more. “Both education and entrepreneurship have always been important features within my life,” shared Candelario. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin School of Business, where he completed Real Estate Urban Land and Economics studies. 

Even from a young age, Michael Candelario already had an entrepreneurial inclination. He grew to love challenges. The entrepreneur has long been excited by the prospect of problems popping up, believing that they are simply opportunities for solution-creation. Most enjoyable to Mac is developing repeatable and systematic processes that simplify business experiences for his team and the clients they serve.

Michael Candelario hopes to continue scaling his two business ventures and inspiring people to start as many innovative ideas as they can. He proclaims that these are the golden days of entrepreneurship and encourages more people to take the business route to begin experiencing more time and financial freedom for themselves. To learn more about Michael Candelario, visit his LinkedIn profile.

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