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Michele Mupo and MUPO Entertainment Taking on the Entertainment Scene and Creating a Pathway for New Talents to Shine

Having spent years working as an entertainer, executive, and entrepreneur in the entertainment industry, Michele Mupo has become adept at evolving and reinventing herself. The founder and CEO of MUPO Entertainment has made her mark, and through her company, she’s helping a lot of others make their marks in the entertainment industry.

Michele Mupo founded MUPO Entertainment in June 2020 and has leveraged her experience as an artist and entrepreneur to build a long-lasting legacy of music, entertainment, and artist development. The company promotes talented individuals in the music and entertainment industries and gives them a platform to showcase their talents. It also offers a full-service representation and management for artists and entertainment personalities with its team of experienced leaders who understand the entertainment industry and marketplace.

In line with the plans to become a dominant and powerful force in the entertainment world, a new branch, MUPO TV, came to life, which offers streaming services that feature original content created by upcoming artists. MUPO TV has further given MUPO Entertainment a significant boost as it became the number one source of original content created by upcoming artists.

While MUPO Entertainment continues to grow, Michele Mupo is working round the clock to make the company relevant and powerful by announcing the launch of a new mobile app for Android and iOS devices. This application will make all of MUPO Entertainment and MUPO TV’s services available to users on the go, thereby making it easier and faster to enjoy its services. Alongside the launching of the new app is a quarterly entertainment magazine that will showcase industry trends, news, and updates.

MUPO Entertainment’s services cut across the collaborative, strategic, and term-based representation. With the in-house team of industry leaders, entertainers under the MUPO Entertainment umbrella are rest assured that they’re in the right place to thrive. Also, Michele Mupo being a one-time artist and entertainer herself, places her uniquely in the position to help other artists succeed.

Well-known as Fuchsia during her days as an entertainer, Michele Mupo did it all as a singer, songwriter, musician, and entrepreneur. She worked as a professional ghostwriter for many recording artists and even as a dancer on Club MTV. Many of her songs made it to the charts, and she got signed by Cool Music Incorporated and inked a ten-year contract with music legend Rodney Jerkins Sr. One of her companies from the time was MuTan Entertainment, which she owned with former WWE Diva Dawn Marie, recording artist and the most recorded drummer Bernard Purdie, and Carlene Tanner. The company managed many rappers and artists, including Mumm Ra, Big City, Session, and Tony Hustle, who all still have rewarding music careers to this date. She also founded MUDA Multimedia Entertainment, wrote a sitcom, and did a wide range of work in the entertainment world, including appearances in films and TV series, working on internet radio stations and TV commercials.

MUPO Entertainment and MUPO TV are Michele’s way of leaving a long-lasting imprint on the entertainment world, and with the results the company has achieved for its clients so far, she’s optimistic that she can help many more artists achieve success in their careers and contribute to an entertained world.

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