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Mike Jalili, Esteemed Restaurateur, Announced as Key Speaker for Rockwell Financial Solutions’ 1% Event in Springfield, MO

Mike Jalili, Esteemed Restaurateur, Announced as Key Speaker for Rockwell Financial Solutions' 1% Event in Springfield, MO
Photo Courtesy: Mike Jalili

Springfield, MO – February 24, 2024 – The anticipation is building in Springfield as Rockwell Financial Solutions unveils the star speaker for its much-awaited annual “1% Event” scheduled for September 8th, 2024. This philanthropic initiative is poised to create a significant positive impact, focusing on at-risk youth grappling with academic challenges, fatherless households, and poverty in the community.

The forthcoming event has a unique approach, with 80% of the expected 150 attendees being at-risk youth who will have free access, courtesy of Rockwell Financial Solutions and its generous sponsors. The firm, led by the forward-thinking Kyle Gardner, is committed to reinvesting in the community, with the majority of the event’s costs being shouldered by the company.

Gardner emphasizes the event’s mission, stating, “The objective is to change lives. We aim to reach those in need the most, which is why at-risk youth are granted complimentary access to this transformative experience.”

In a strategic move to fortify the event’s financial foundation, Rockwell is making 10-20% of the tickets available for purchase. This not only ensures the sustainability of the event but also allows those who can contribute financially to play a crucial role in supporting the community initiative. Proceeds from ticket sales will be reinvested into the event, securing its impact for years to come.

The 1% Event stands out with its unique “interview style” format, deviating from the traditional conference setup. Real business owners are invited to share their experiences and insights in a conversational manner. This format, as Gardner points out, distinguishes the event from others, stating, “Most conferences hire professional speakers to hype everyone up. But what have they actually built? Our speakers are real business owners who have faced challenges, stumbled, and built something tangible.”

The interview format creates an authentic and relatable platform for the speakers. Gardner underscores, “Our speakers don’t do this professionally; they may stutter or lose their train of thought. The interview style alleviates the pressure, making it like having a normal conversation. They don’t need to memorize a 30+ minute speech.”

Adding to the excitement, it has just been announced that the charismatic Mike Jalili, owner of numerous prominent restaurants in Springfield, including Blacksheep, Char, and Flame, will be a key speaker at the event. Not only does Mike Jalili own thriving restaurants, but he also manages popular nightclubs such as Zan, Boogie, and Bubbles.

The 1% Event promises to be more than just an insightful conference. Its design aims for a concert-like atmosphere, ensuring attendees experience an entertaining and energetic ambiance. With cool music, sparklers, smoke cannons, and an overall lively atmosphere, the event is set to engage and captivate the audience, breaking away from the monotony of traditional conferences.

Kyle Gardner expresses the vision behind this approach, stating, “We want this event to be an experience, not just another conference. We don’t want people looking at their watches constantly; we want them engaged, entertained, and inspired. It’s about making a real impact and creating lasting memories.”

The 1% Event is a testament to Rockwell Financial Solutions’ unwavering commitment to community engagement and empowerment. By targeting at-risk youth and providing them with access to invaluable insights from real business owners like Mike Jalili, the event transcends the conventional role of event hosting, becoming a catalyst for positive change in the lives of those who need it the most. Rockwell Financial Solutions emerges as a driving force for change, instilling hope and empowerment within the Springfield community. The announcement of Mike Jalili as a key speaker has heightened the excitement, and residents are eagerly awaiting the transformative event that promises not only insights but also a night of entertainment and inspiration.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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