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Mikhail Gribov on Building a Successful Brand on Social Media

Social media has opened up a vast world of opportunities for many people, and Moscow, Russia-born digital entrepreneur Mikhail Gribov has leveraged it for his own success. While he did not start out as a social media entrepreneur, Mikhail Gribov ’s professional journey led him there, and he has become an authority in the field, showing people how to make the most out of social media platforms.

Starting his journey as a human resources manager after obtaining his bachelor’s degree, Mikhail knew he needed a new path after four years of an uneventful career. He got into different micro-businesses and took social media as the primary platform where he built his businesses. One of the businesses was an Instagram page that offered marketing, networking, and social media services. He built the Instagram page into about 200,000 followers within two years and built an online university to teach people new skills and how to make money digitally. That marked the beginning of a journey that has catapulted him to the top of the food chain in digital and social media entrepreneurship.

By 2020, the platform that started from Instagram has grown into a full-fledged learning platform with over 10,000 students and a million dollars in revenue. Mikhail also created a rich suite of learning content with experts at different aspects of social media marketing and content creation, helping the students learn. The online university only focused on Russian students the whole time, but Mikhail had his sights set on capturing international students, which he achieved in nine months. He built Insta Coach Mike into 700,000 followers on Instagram and 800,000 followers on TikTok, and a six-figure online business.

Since then, Mikhail Gribov has become a top social media growth expert with notable success to his name. More than 2,000 people have benefitted from his expertise in growing their accounts and businesses. In addition, many of his students have also gone on to create viral contents that have received over ten million views.

Making a pivot from human resources into social media expertise is not something the world sees daily, but Mikhail Gribov did it for himself and has found fulfillment in the niche. Beyond his online university, he hopes to create a service that a million people can use and benefit from. “I’m currently working on an app that will provide creators with trending videos in every niche to help them to come up with the best content ideas for their Instagram pages,” he shared. “My long-term goal is to create a product or service that potentially every person on earth will use, as one day Steve Jobs created the iPhone.”

He also regularly shares tips and strategies for anyone looking to grow their Instagram pages. He believes strongly in delivering value and not just posting content, which explains why he takes teaching seriously and ensures everything coming from him gives his audience some value and education. “Your social media page should be about the things you can do and things that will make an audience stay on your page. That is the whole point, and you must get it right,” Mikhail said.Learn more about Mikhail Gribov on his official website.

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