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Miles Smith and His Remarkable Journey that Led to the Creation of MS Technologies

Software engineer and entrepreneur Miles Smith has a remarkable success story, but how he started his journey to achieving his goals is even more awe-inspiring. The owner of MS Technologies, a company that creates custom applications and websites for various kinds of clients, has been providing 100% custom solutions to clients seeking to elevate their existing brands or introduce an entirely new one. To say that Miles is a highly skilled software programmer is an understatement. His programming abilities are more like a natural gift, starting at only 12 years old.

Throughout the course of his very productive programming career, Miles has worked with big companies that include Walmart, Uber, and Florida Blue with a full-stack customer service interface. His most recent project was for Wavy Detail Studio, which he partly owns and will be launching in the next few weeks. At 12, Miles used to upload YouTube videos and teach people how to write HTML/ CSS, which allowed him to make his initial earnings. His very first paid project generated a $100 check and a few dollars from Google for his Adsense on his YouTube videos. Until today, Miles keeps his first check framed and displayed in his office as a reminder of his humble beginnings. 

Between the ages of 14 and 16, Miles decided to take his income-generating initiatives a notch higher. He started hopping from one neighbor to another, listing down their unused items and selling them on eBay for a 20% commission. He made a couple of thousands of dollars doing it. Eventually, he tried out a couple of jobs, from retail to selling insurance, but they did not work out at all. He later decided to move to San Francisco to attend a programming boot camp known as Hack Reactor, known for its 3% acceptance rating. The 12-week course offered advanced software engineering lessons and armed him with the practical skills he needed to be part of the software engineering workforce. 

After finishing the boot camp, Miles moved to Florida, where he landed his first software engineering job at the age of 19. In that season of his career, he created phenomenal software solutions for Walmart and Uber. In 2019, he worked with Florida Blue as a Principle Interface Developer or lead engineer supervising at least 15 people. Miles supervised architecture design, work assignment, removing blockers, increasing team efficiency, and working with PM’s/businesses to identify new work and curate it for the team. 

That same year, Miles bought his first home in Meridian, Idaho and moved to San Francisco. During that time, he also developed MS Technologies and met Jay Laurent, who eventually became his business partner. While Uber and Florida Blue remained his loyal clients, he moved on to pursue other promising projects with Wavy Detail Studio, Magiclytics, and Collective BH LLC. 

Apart from being a passionate software programmer, Miles is also a car enthusiast and collector. He currently has a 2021 McLaren 765LT, one of 765 in the world, and a 2021 BMW X3M Competition. In the past two years, he has acquired five McLarens, a Lamborghini, and Porsche. 

“I used these vehicles as motivation to continue working, put my head down, and look for more opportunities to expand my earning potential. I have a vision board, and I put down goals that I want to achieve on that board. At one point in time, all of my vehicles were on that board, even the 2017 Mustang GT, manual of course,” he shared. “My vision board primarily consists of vehicles, homes, watches, travel spots, and personal/life goals like eating healthy, working out, and overall being a good person.”

Miles has diversified into another business with Collective BH LLC, a talent management company for influencers that helps them grow their business and expand into new fields. Determined to excel in his new venture, Miles can be expected to introduce new ways of doing things, a trait that he has always been known for. 

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