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Miracle Mobility Partners With HSN To Launch Its Latest Innovative Mobility Aid

Miracle Mobility Partners With HSN To Launch Its Latest Innovative Mobility Aid
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Mobility is often taken for granted in our society. But the reality is over 12 percent of our population has a mobility disability with serious difficulty walking. There are countless moments when those living with a mobility impairment find themselves wishing for experiences that seem just out of reach — until now, that is. 

Introducing the Miracle Mobility 4N1 Electric Walker Wheelchair, a lightweight, compact mobility solution that empowers seniors — and those living with mobility challenges — to reclaim their lives. Unlike traditional scooters that are heavy, bulky, and inconvenient for indoor use, the foldable product offers the convenience of collapsing to the size of a suitcase in just one second. 

“Think of it as the Swiss Army Knife for mobility aids,” says Miracle Mobility’s CEO, Dan Guthrie. “We are especially proud of how our Miracle Mobility 4N1 Electric Walker Wheelchair is helping consumers regain freedom and independence that they might not otherwise enjoy.”

Miracle Mobility recently partnered with the Home Shopping Network (HSN) after winning the Gold Award for “Most Innovative New Product of the Year” at the 2023 Medtrade Expo in Dallas, an annual tradeshow for medical equipment manufacturers. The Miracle Mobility 4N1 Electric Walker Wheelchair was featured for 20 minutes during an HSN Helping Hands on-air segment and has made an appearance on the network four times in the last two months.    

So what makes this new transformative design so unique? It can be used as a traditional rollator, complete with adjustments typically found on high-end walkers. But you can also quickly transform it into a lightweight transport wheelchair and give your loved one a push — just like you would with a regular wheelchair. The third and most impressive feature is a power assist remote located on the back push handle that assists a caregiver in pushing a loved one in the chair. 

“The rear remote is the true magic of the 4N1,” says Guthrie. “If you have ever pushed someone weighing 175 to 200 pounds for any length of time, you know how difficult this can be. Now, all you have to do is guide the chair where you want to go, and the electric motors do all the work.”

The final function of the 4N1 is the power-assisted wheelchair, controlled by a joystick. With this function, you don’t need a caregiver to take you where you want to go. You can simply turn on the joystick and drive. 

“What is great about this technology is there are no moving parts to break,” says Guthrie. “We created a lightweight chair that can be easily folded within seconds and be transported to fit in the trunk of a small car, adding to the 4N1’s versatility and usefulness.”

Miracle Mobility’s recent partnership with HSN is a testament to the company’s name as an innovative industry leader. Not only do they thoughtfully provide the gift of regained mobility to those who need it most, but they also add value and comfort to their daily life. In addition to the 4N1, Miracle Mobility has several other wheelchairs that help deliver medical mobility. 

“Our goal is to endow as many as possible with the gift of mobility so everyone can enjoy their life,” says Guthrie. 

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