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MLife Artist Performance Was a Huge Success

MLife Music Group Artists Norman Alexander and Annabel Oreste Gave an Impressive Performance at The Eric Adams for Mayor 2021 Campaign Finale

As expected, MLife Music Group artists delivered another outstanding heartwarming performance. On Friday, October 29 at the Eric Adams for Mayor 2021 rally in Far Rockaway, N.Y., the group’s artists gave back the gift of music as they touched the hearts of locals who yearned for change in their community.

Annabel Oreste and Norman Alexander’s performances were well received by candidate Eric Adams and his supporters. In addition, attendees from around the five boroughs showed up to support the final campaign efforts. The message and values resonated with the diverse and progressive crowd.

Many were impressed as Norman performed his original song “Stand Up” with “Take Back Your Power” as the catchy hook. Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams felt so moved by the lyrics that he requested to connect for further engagement with the singer. The song’s powerful message conveyed an anthem for the campaign as it showed that no one person is too small or insignificant to make a change in the world. 

The Community Relations Advisor for Eric Adams 2021, Rose Guerrier, made waves with a rally fit for the next Mayor that had New Yorkers buzzing.

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Photo: Stella Magloire

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