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Mobile App StretchYo Helps People Build Healthy Habits With Technology

Technology is so powerful that people who are not mindful of its capabilities may easily get engulfed by it and lose track of what truly matters. While using technology for business ventures, connectivity, and entertainment are all good, sometimes people get too fixated on their screens that technology begins to take control of their lives. StretchYo is helping people gain control back and use technology to their advantage instead of allowing it to blindly take over their lives. Focused on empowering users by reinforcing healthy habits to create more mindful lifestyles, the mobile app is a tool everyone should get their hands on.

StretchYo has one mission: to help people implement healthy and sustainable habits to lead better lives. With its unique features and innovations, the platform seamlessly integrates technology and life and helps users find the perfect balance between the two, ensuring that one does not engulf the other. Studies have revealed that many technological innovations have caused people to have problems with their physical well-being, affecting many aspects, from postures to their eyes. StretchYo want to change that narrative.

The app was founded by tech expert, engineer, and entrepreneur Sarad Dhungel, who, since his days at Howard University, has been passionate about using technology to induce positive change in the world. Born and raised in Nepal, he wanted to use his skills and knowledge to create innovations that leave a lasting impact on people’s well-being.

As a student, he entered the famous Intel-Cornell Cup, a competition held by Cornell Engineering to encourage students to create technological solutions capable of changing lives for the better. The competition has cultivated innovation and design among its participants. One of them was Sarad, who built SLaTE8 with his team, a tech invention that translates American sign language to written English text. From then on, he has been driven to create more technological solutions that add value to the lives of others. StretchYo is the latest testament to his dedication, learning from his own challenges to maintain focus and productivity in this era of distraction. 

“Technology is very powerful. But if you don’t use it in the right way, it can hamper us,” he said, emphasizing how technology can easily overwhelm people to forget about what truly matters–health. StretchYo goes above and beyond to ensure that its users gain full control over their habits and achieve maximum productivity at all times while using technology to aid in their performance. The app’s features include to-do lists to help users organize their goals and intentions for the day, productivity metrics to keep them motivated, and timers to track progress in tasks and stay focused. On top of that, it encourages them to make time for their hobbies and spend time with people who bring meaning to their lives.

StretchYo also allows users to connect with other users on the platform so they can have accountability partners, set goals with like-minded individuals, achieve milestones, and do challenges together.

Over the next five years, Sarad and his team aim to add more features to make StretchYo the leading choice for health, wellness, and productivity. Among the things in their pipeline is to add music to StretchYo so users can stream music that keeps them productive and relaxed and aid in their sleep or whatever their goal is at a given time. 

Building good habits at an age where technology keeps dragging people in hundreds of different directions all at once may sound like an extremely difficult feat, but StretchYo proves that technology can also be used as an advantage to implement healthy habits that can last for a lifetime. 

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