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Modeling and Marketing: A Fascinating Combination for Barbara Boller

A model’s ability to capture the attention of viewers and audiences needs more than just a charming face or spectacular body. In today’s competitive business environment, more skills are required. That’s why Barbara Boller is a cut above most models and influencers in the industry. Demonstrating that she is more than just another internet model, the Miami-based entrepreneur has also proven herself to be a woman with remarkable marketing skills.

Barbara is an actress, model, entrepreneur, and content creator who believes that models can remake themselves and represent more than their image projects. She has reinvented the wheel for herself through her travels to countries like China, Canada, Mexico, and Colombia for work. Today, she sheds the spotlight on user-generated content (UGC) and explores how anyone can leverage it as a valuable offering to brands and companies.

The 30-year-old Brazilian-born model hopes to help people launch new careers in marketing, social media management, and digital marketing consultancy services. “Being a model was always my dream and my passion,” she said. “However, so was marketing. I finally found a way to connect the two by working with social media and content creation. The advertising industry—thus, the modeling—is changing a lot, and being able to adapt is not a differential anymore but a must.”

It’s been two years since Barbara started working on user-generated content (UGC), which involves creating photos and videos to promote an entity, venture, brand, or company across various social media platforms. She puts such a strong emphasis on UGC because she believes it’s the future of social media and digital marketing.

Even though she had a passion for modeling from a young age, Barbara knew she could be more than just a typical model. While learning other modeling aspects and new ways to improve her value in the industry, she has also mastered marketing through user-generated content and helped others get started by teaching them how to market themselves. “You don’t need to be a model, but the fact that I am one brings me much more clients,” she explains. “The fact that I know about marketing makes my clients trust me more, and the fact that I am an actress makes me more comfortable with the camera!”

As a model and marketing expert, Barbara has been able to deliver total value to brands and ensure they get the best of her abilities and talents. In addition, she creates engaging and relevant content for both audiences—models and non-models alike—and leads workshops for girls who want to walk the same path as her in the fashion industry. “I would like people to understand that being a model doesn’t mean you’re dumb, doesn’t mean you’re done by 30, doesn’t mean you don’t need to add value,” she said. “I want girls who want to be models to know that they can do it and people who are not models to respect and see it as a profession.”

Through user-generated content, Barbara Boller has revolutionized the modeling industry by creating a new, more positive perception of models. She sets herself as an excellent example for young girls who want to enter the fashion scene and expand their reach by extending their tentacles into various areas of expertise.

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