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Mold Remediation Specialist Pure Maintenance Expands Operations Into Lawrence, Kansas With New Partner

Pure Maintenance

Pure Maintenance, a Utah-based company specializing in non-destructive removal of mold and other pathogens, has announced that its nationwide expansion efforts have reached a new area – this time in Lawrence, Kansas.

This will bring Pure Maintenance’s innovative technology, known as VaPure, to Lawrence and surrounding areas. Using its patented fog technology, Pure Maintenance can effectively treat mold spores in residential and commercial buildings without the need for costly and invasive demolition. This saves property owners thousands of dollars and allows the property to become usable again in a shorter period.

Lawrence is mainly known as a university town, but, due to its rich history, there are many older homes and buildings in the city – some more than a century old – that are encountering mold-related problems. Pure Maintenance will be able to make these heritage structures safer for occupation while preserving their historical value. 

Pure Maintenance’s newest partner in Lawrence is no stranger to the organization. Nesreen “Nez” Iskandrani was previously based in the company’s corporate headquarters in Utah as an executive assistant to CEO Brandon Adams, managing the company’s media, outreach, and people & culture functions. Before that, she worked for the youth development program of a major Utah-based professional sports team. 

A driven and goal-oriented young entrepreneur, Nez holds a bachelor’s degree in history and political science from William Penn University and an MBA from Utah State University. Having worked with Pure Maintenance’s headquarters, she saw firsthand how the business’ unique territory-based franchising system created great opportunities for local entrepreneurs. She then decided to try it out for herself in her hometown of Lawrence, and she is now CEO of Pure Maintenance of Kansas.

“I am excited to embark on a new entrepreneurial journey with Pure Maintenance,” says Nez. “Working at their headquarters showed me the huge positive impact the company and VaPure have on mold remediation. I’ve helped onboard many of our partners, and I’ve seen how beneficial partnering with Pure Maintenance has been for their businesses. This inspired me to create my own venture and work with the company as a partner. I am looking forward to helping people, especially in the Lawrence area, solve their mold and indoor air quality problems.” 

Expanding into Lawrence demonstrates Pure Maintenance’s dedication to scaling its operations nationwide while providing exceptional support for its various business partners. The company has harnessed technology to establish a robust infrastructure that provides its license holders with everything they need to succeed. Over the past few years, many of Pure Maintenance’s partners have achieved outstanding success in their business. As it continues to build on its technology foundation, Pure Maintenance is always ready to expand into new locations with the help of local partners.

“I’m very happy that Nez has decided to become a Pure Maintenance partner,” Brandon says. “Having worked with her face-to-face, I admire how hardworking and resourceful she is, and I’m proud that she can become her own boss as CEO of Pure Maintenance of Kansas. The entire Pure Maintenance team is looking forward to working with her in this new phase of our relationship, and I’m sure her next steps are going to be huge successes.”

With this newest venture, Pure Maintenance will be able to provide Lawrence and nearby towns and cities in Kansas with a wide range of effective indoor air solutions. As it continues to refine and strengthen its VaPure technology, Pure Maintenance is revolutionizing the mold remediation industry across the US, helping achieve a safer and healthier indoor environment for all.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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