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Monytize Transforms the Social Media Sphere into a Charitable Industry

In this day and age, the rapid progress of technology has paved the way for a more interconnected society. The power of social media has brought all of us closer together. In turn, the ever-growing digital platform has caused a massive paradigm shift in how the world does business. Monytize is an emerging social media platform that aims to take things even further, giving online retailers a better way of doing business by transforming the way we use social media.

Monytize is the world’s first philanthropic social media platform that is revolutionizing the world one cause, brand, goal, and mission at a time. Turning social media users into social media monetizers, the app began its official global BETA launch on September 1, 2022. The BETA was successfully used by global influencers, celebrities, churches, universities, charities, schools, brands, and professional athletes.

Much like other social platforms, Monytize grants its users the ability to socialize, network, and share content such as photos and videos online. The platform also offers several other forms of content, such as music, movies, and video games. What makes it truly different from the rest is that Monytize is invite-only and pays everyone when content is purchased.

Before Monytize, content creators would have to spend over $400 billion on music, movies, and video games on a per-year basis. With the advent of this new and innovative digital platform, developers will gain passive income just by using the Monytize platform. The profit for purchases goes back to the creators, and the Monytize team has vouched to donate 20% of its earnings to charities, schools, hospitals, churches, and other non-profit organizations worldwide.

Suffice to say, Monytize is redefining what online social platforms should be. The renowned platform takes a philanthropic approach to social media, transforming entertainment spending into a much more meaningful cause. For example, Monytize has partnered with Social Wireless, a company in South Africa. Social Wireless offers free internet services in Johannesburg. By partnering, Social Wireless and Monytize are now offering social media, movies, music, and games that can generate a passive income for South Africa, not only for Monytizer members but the entire country. 

Joining the platform is free of cost, and the returns for signing up are life-changing when users receive their Monytize Visa debit card. The Monytize App continually adds to its available content to offer the same variety as its competitors like iTunes, Redbox, Netflix, and Spotify. While these platforms require monthly subscriptions, Monytize sets itself apart by being the first platform to ever redistribute wealth back to the community.

Currently, Monytize is in the market for distribution deals for original movie content from movie directors, original music content from music producers, original content from video game developers, and authors for eBook distribution.

Monytize was founded by visionary entrepreneur Terrell Samuels who foresees the platform to succeed in the industry genuinely. The platform is the product of 14 years of conceptualization and planning from Terrell in the hopes of leaving a lasting legacy in our ever-changing world. 

Terrell Samuels is no stranger to the entertainment industry. He has garnered success as the executive producer of Millionaire Awaken Your Secret, The documentary movie based on the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Terrell Samuels has been recognized by the Napoleon Hill Foundation for his remarkable efforts.

Apart from producing movies, Terell Samuels was also the vice president of business development with In Season Talent, a renowned talent agency that handles over 100 celebrities worldwide. Furthermore, the tenured entrepreneur also took on pivotal roles in Creanspeak Production, the production house that created some of the biggest hits, such as Black Irish, Once Was Lost, and Prey for Rock and Roll.

When asked what motivated him to build Monytize, Terrell replied: “It’s so that every person has an opportunity to be the change they want to be in their home communities as well as the world.” No other company out there is doing what Monytize is doing. They are successfully building a massive social platform with a charitable twist, making the world a better place one day at a time.

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